2015 in Review

A Time to Reflect and be Thankful

As we close out another year here at Titan, our 15th December as a company, it is a good time to reflect on the past year. Once again, we’ve been able to grow our client base in new areas, the West Coast and the Northeast, and we continued to grow in our core region, the middle third of the U.S.

Each year that I’ve been in the SAP market, it is interesting to see what the key trends are, and as in years past, there are some significant trends.

  • HANA continues to be a major topic we hear about at trade shows. Although the adoption is not quite as fast as some people predicted, clients are starting to plan future landscapes around HANA technology, and it is evident that the future of SAP will reside on HANA.
  • The “Cloud” is also a topic thrown around quite a bit, especially as it relates to the total cost of ownership and the ability to more easily scale with a Cloud-based system. While many clients will still choose to own and manage their hardware and operate a private cloud, the ability to “outsource” the hardware and maintenance and the flexibility to more quickly scale the hardware needs of an organization will attract a growing percentage of the market.
  • We also have clients wanting to discuss mobile options within their overall ERP landscape, and we have seen clients able to recognize significant savings and efficiencies through the deployment of mobile solutions. With the cost of tablets and other mobile devices at reasonable levels, and the ability of mobile apps to streamline processes to meet a business function’s needs, the solution becomes more efficient and better received by the users. I believe that we are just on the tip of the impact this will have in the industry, as the cost of these applications are relatively small, and the ROI is quicker than many other solutions.

Many clients are attempting to simplify their IT footprint with on-premise and Cloud applications. Blend that with some Big Data, Internet of Things, Regulation, Compliance, and Analytics, and the roadmap has a few twists and turns and possibly a pothole or two along the way. To help you gain clarity for 2016 and beyond, our Advisory Services capabilities can provide that GPS-like guidance that you need and want.

On another note, as we enter December, the College Football season is heating up. By the time you read this, we will know our bowl games and playoff games. This is my favorite time of the year for sports. Also in December, Kent and I will take our annual trip to Minnesota to visit clients and get our fill of snow. This is one of my favorite parts of this work, getting to visit with clients at their offices, conferences, or trade shows.

Remember to take some time this holiday season and be thankful for and enjoy time with your family and friends. At Titan, we thank you for your continued trust and business. We look forward to working together to achieve your goals and resolutions in 2016!