December seems to be a good time to reflect on the past year and start making plans for the coming year. I believe we are conditioned to that at a young age with the idea of New Year’s Resolutions. In reality, moving from 2017 to 2018 is just the passage of time through a linear path, but we look for a “reset” each year when we start again in January.

2017 has seen its challenges on many fronts, including natural disasters that affected many people. It is reassuring to see how as a society, we put aside other differences and help our fellow man in times of need like this, and I pray that those affected continue to recover and see a much better 2018.

From the business side, we see 2018 as an exciting year. More projects are being planned, and it appears that companies are seeing more and more how IT can enable the business to be more successful and competitive.

At SAPPHIRE NOW 2017, SAP unveiled technology that just a couple of years ago seemed like it was years in the future. Now, with HANA, SAP Leonardo, and the continuation of IoT technology, the advancement of business solutions will progress at speeds we have not witnessed before. It will be very interesting to see how technology advances business as well as things in our everyday life over the next few years.

I am reminded of how much advancement we’ve seen in the last 20 years when my kids ask me what kind of cell phone I had when I was a kid. I explained that I didn’t get my first mobile phone until the 90’s and then it was a ‘bag phone’ and then a ‘candy bar phone’ and they were AMAZING!

Now we have a computer that we carry in our pocket (or on our wrist for some people), that continues to progress and lessen the need for a computer on your desk.

As businesses look at how this new technology fits into their landscape, they are still evaluating it for ROI. It only makes sense to look at quick ROI projects first when technology is advancing so rapidly.

Don’t forget to just look for all of the new technology for high ROI projects. Over the last several years, many companies have shelved projects that may need another look now. The technology and ROI may now justify those projects.

Total Cost of Ownership is always a relevant discussion. Now more than ever, we are having discussions with clients on how to get more from their current systems. These discussions can take several paths, but typically include one of the following:
• Implementing functionality that they already own, but aren’t using,
• Reviewing existing solutions to see if they still meet the needs of the business, and if they can be served with a better solution,
• Reviewing business needs that may be able to be streamlined with Mobile or Web-based Solutions.

Reducing TCO continues to be a primary focus of our services in 2018, as we deliver high ROI solutions to our customers.

We would like to thank all our clients, partners, consultants, and friends for your continued trust in Titan. It is because of you and your trust in us that we come to work with passion and enthusiasm to support you.

We look forward to 2018 to unleash the power of together® and to deliver solutions that help grow your business and realize the full potential of your SAP investment.