Goodie bags for Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House Charity Event

In October, Titan Consulting sponsored the charity event at the SAPinsight SEE18 conference in Plano, Texas.   The Ronald McDonald House in Dallas benefited from over 150 care kits that were assembled by attendees at the event. The colorful reusable bags were made up of coloring books, crayons, a small stuffed animal and other children’s items. Many attendees also included a personal note to let the child and family know they were thinking of them.  Families that are staying at ...
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BURGERS, BULLWHIPS, AND BEERS! Taking Inventory and Costs Out of Your Supply Chain with SAP IBP!

We’re always looking for a good reason to have a cook out! We invited some friends over for a backyard bar-b-que a few weeks ago to celebrate. A few of our friends have kids, so we needed to know how many burgers, buns, and beverages to get for the big cookout. We planned for 18 burgers to generously feed everyone. We love Bubba’s Grass Fed burgers and they are sold in packages of 6 burgers; we bought 3 packages. Our ...
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SOLD A DIVISION? HOW TO DIVEST YOUR SAP DATA! Our Expertise in SAP Landscape Transformation (LT)

You saw the announcement on Bloomberg! Wall Street is applauding the news as the stock ticks upwards! Everyone is excited, but now the head-scratching work begins – how do I break out my SAP system and separate the divested data? Divestitures are commonplace. What is not so common and often complex is how to manage the data according to the terms of the divestiture. The TSA (The Severance Agreement) typically defines what stays and what goes. A primary driver around ...
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BIG DATA FORCES BIG DECISIONS! How to Tame Your Data Management Beast!

Data is exponentially increasing every day! According to EMC, the amount of data is doubling every year. By the year 2020, there will be an estimated 44 ZB; a zettabyte is 1021 bytes. Put another way, in the year 2013, a stack of tablets containing the world’s data would stretch two-thirds of the way from the earth to the moon, about 160,000 miles. By the year 2020, the tablets containing this data would stretch to the moon and back 6.6 ...
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Digitization is all around us. Business leaders are talking about “Digitization”, and “The Amazon Effect”, Disruption and Adaption – what is it and how do I get there? To get these answers, I sat down with David Malenfant, Director for Texas Christian University’s (TCU) Center for Supply Chain Innovation at the Neeley School of Business. Dave is a Supply Chain Thought Leader who has acquired over 25 years of experience driving change and performance improvement across the global supply chain ...
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ASC 842 and IFRS 16 have an enormous impact on the Financial Statements for most publicly-traded companies. The estimated impact of leases affected by the new regulations is $3.3 TRILLION. Moving the leases onto the books requires planning, process and organization change, and systems. For many companies, this effort is more arduous than SOX or IFRS 15 - Revenue Recognition. In a nutshell, as of January 2019, operating leases will need to be carried on the books. They are carried ...
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Are you ready for ASC 842 affecting Lease Accounting in the US? How about IFRS 16 to handle your new Lease Accounting requirements abroad? Many companies are still in the investigation and planning phase. In a recent QBR with one of our AMS customers, we asked if they were ready to adopt the new standards for ASC 842 and IFRS 16; we know it will impact our support teams. The controller shrugged and responded, “we’re waiting for direction from Corporate!” ...
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IS THERE ANY BETTER FEELING THAN THE ONE YOU GET FROM HELPING SOMEONE? Helping our Neighbors in Houston, Puerto Rico, and Mexico!

September, we heard about one natural disaster after another. Harvey flooded Houston, then Irma knocked out the Caribbean and Florida, fires engulfed parts of California, and a 7.1 monster earthquake rocked Central Mexico. We all know someone that was affected by one or more of these catastrophic events. For many of us, our lives have returned to normal. In these disaster zones, the nightmare continues. How can you help? In October, “unleash the power of together®” was on full display ...
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Is your open architecture, compliance, and disruption getting too complex for your IT teams? The powerpoint looked easy, but getting all the work done is not. You have core infrastructure and administrative activities that your basis team performs, but do they have the time or skill set to perform all the tasks when needed? If it doesn’t get done, it can get expensive and messy. Titan’s Fractional Consulting Services can alleviate the stress, worry, and frustration of these tasks not ...
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WHAT TEMPERATURE IS YOUR DATA? Planning for your HANA Upgrade!

2017 was the year of planning for SAP HANA. Will 2018 be known as The Year of The HANA Upgrade? SAP has done an exceptional job of incentivizing customers and sales reps to migrate to the latest suite of SAP applications – most notably S/4 HANA, HANA, and BW4/HANA. Which application is a top priority for you to upgrade, ERP or EDW - Enterprise Data Warehouse? What are some of SAP’s clients saying about their road to HANA? Are they ...
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10 MINUTES, 10 HOURS OR 10 YEARS – IN JAIL? How SAP GRC Reduces the Cost and Risk of Compliance!

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) was invoked more than 15 years ago. It seems like yesterday when Enron and many other reckless companies cooked their books. The goal of SOX was to restore confidence and close loopholes that allowed companies to defraud investors. The regulatory impact of compliance on companies is considered a major concern according to a recent survey of C-level executives. The Cost of Compliance and risk on these companies has increased exponentially and digitization will substantiate this trend. Section 404 ...
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The CFO was nervous! Operations were panicking! How big was this inventory write-off going to be? Year-end bonuses were in jeopardy and stakeholder’s jobs could be lost! Paul was brought in to fix the Warehouse Automation Project. He was the leader they needed for this project: he should have led the project in the first place! He was bright, fair, respected, and had worked in the company for 20 years – management and operations trusted his judgment. The inventory shortage ...
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December seems to be a good time to reflect on the past year and start making plans for the coming year. I believe we are conditioned to that at a young age with the idea of New Year’s Resolutions. In reality, moving from 2017 to 2018 is just the passage of time through a linear path, but we look for a “reset” each year when we start again in January. 2017 has seen its challenges on many fronts, including natural ...
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I was watching my college team on Saturday and could not believe how many commercials were on. The one that stood out was with actor Dean Winters practicing his many test crash dummy impressions. The point of the commercial, how a simple incident turns into a bigger problem and conflagrates into a full five-alarm fire. The funniest incident starts at a tailgate: the barbecue explodes erupting into a massive fire inside the car and sets off a chain reaction. “And ...
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WHY SOME MOBILITY PROJECTS SUCCEED AND SOME DON’T? Let Me Synthesize Titan’s Mobility Success Factors!

Why do more than 80% of enterprise Mobility projects fail? And what do you need to do to be part of the 20% that succeeds! I am going to synthesize the numerous conversations, presentations, working sessions and mobility projects to give you the actions you need to take to deliver your project as one of the successful 20%. You can place the main challenges, hurdles, missteps, and myopia in the following areas: • Project Results Take Too Long • Happy ...
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“Everyone has a plan until you get punched,” Mike Tyson said in his heyday. Hurricane Harvey did that to Houston and much of southern Texas and Louisiana. When I started writing this article, I wanted to talk about TechEd and the many benefits of attending the event. TechEd is a brilliant community of techies learning and sharing with one another at this annual conference in Las Vegas. Then Hurricane Harvey hit and devastated Houston and the neighboring areas in south ...
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Titan Consulting

CONTROL YOUR MASTER DATA WHEREVER IT RESIDES: SAP Master Data Governance Streamlines Data Management!

Do you like going to the dentist? Do you like implementing compliance and governance systems? They are necessary, but few look forward to it! Master Data Governance (MDG) and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) are two of the fastest growing applications areas where, ironically, systematizing processes saves time and money. We think that MDG and GRC can benefit your company, and in some cases, position the processes as a profit generator. Let’s face it, compliance and governance is not going ...
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At TechEd, I drove a miniature “sensor-tagged” vehicle through a maze of obstacles. The goal was to drive the vehicle quickly through the maze without hitting any of the obstacles. It was challenging, and my kids and grand kids could have kicked my butt in this game. The point of the game was to demonstrate how to track deliveries or school children on buses, and how you can monitor their route and progress. The premise is how to use technology ...
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IS YOUR SALES SCORECARD GOING UP, DOWN OR SIDEWAYS? Titan’s easyPrice Provides Sales and Margin Visibility

What impact does a 1% increase in margin have on your business? How about 5%? What would it mean to reduce your sales lead time by 50%, therefore increasing sales velocity? These were just some of the goals of one of our clients with their implementation of Titan’s easyPrice mobile platform. A review of the facts in their sales operations: • 30+ Distribution Centers supporting North America • 200 Field Sales Reps supporting multiple channels: retail, wholesale, installers • Dependent ...
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Jennifer, in Accounts Payable (AP), decided to retire after 33 years with the company. The retirement party was fabulous, the cake was delicious, and the sparklers burned late into the evening. The next day, the business had a hangover. For years, they had processed AP the same way, with Jennifer being the engine, and now she had retired. There were challenges -- many invoices were late getting paid because the invoice was in the field awaiting approval and proper accounting ...
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More data has been created in the past two years than in the entire history of the human race!” according to a Forbes, 2015 article. What are you doing to manage your data? “Data is growing faster than ever before, and by the year 2020, about 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second for every human being on the planet.” according to the same Forbes article. This Translates to:


Remember the day when getting offshore rates at $30/hour seemed too good to be true? Many of you have figured out that these rates are deceiving and the actual cost is much more. There are many stories from CIOs, VPs, and Directors complaining about their offshore support. The rates may be cheap, but the quality and time-to-results are not acceptable. As a result, more companies look for hybrid onshore and offshore models as the best way to support the business ...
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Why Attend SAPPHIRE? 20+ Years of SAP’s Annual Customer Conference

SAPPHIRE is a tough week! We operate a booth 12 hours a day. After our booth duty, we spend time with our clients and prospects over dinner and maybe stay out a bit too late. And then start it all over the next day: a very intense three-four days. So why do we attend the SAPPHIRE Now + ASUG Annual Conference? In his best-selling book E-Myth, Michael Gerber talked about how we spend too much time “working in our business” ...
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THE THREE BIGGEST PROBLEMS WITH SAP! And How Titan Consulting Solves Them!

What are your biggest challenges with SAP? We have listened to our clients complain about their SAP problems, and the biggest ones fall into these three categories:
  1. User Experience,
  2. To Avoid Brain-Drain, You Need Continuous Training,
  3. Sustainment and Evolution (Care and Feeding).
Yes, there are many other topics we could list such as Application Development and Customization, Lack of Flexibility, System Maintenance and Security Patches, etc. But these three are mentioned the most frequently. User Experience: SAP’s ...
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BPC, SAP’s Business Planning and Consolidation application, is one of the best-kept secrets in SAP’s portfolio. If you are not familiar with BPC, it supports planning, forecasting, management and financial reporting, consolidation, and closing. It is part of SAP’s Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Suite. Many clients have licensed BPC, but it remains either on the shelf or underutilized. How can you unlock the benefits of BPC for your company? Depending upon the version you use, it integrates with ECC and ...
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IS YOUR SAP ENVIRONMENT SAFE AND SECURE? Align Your Security Strategy and Practices!

“I’m sorry sir, your charge was declined, do you have another credit card?” I was embarrassed…and upset. I had just paid off the card - what happened? I called the credit card company, and they politely told me the problem. “Sir, we believe your card has been compromised. We don’t believe that your data was stolen. As a precaution, we sent you a new card!” This is the 3rd credit card in two years that has been compromised. Security breaches ...
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RPA – THE BRIGHT SHINY NEW THING! The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid on Your RPA Project

Is RPA the buzz word in your company? If not, add it to your corporate lexicon, many other companies are talking about it! For enterprise software, RPA is relatively inexpensive. For value, RPA promises a tremendous ROI. How will you deliver that ROI? RPA refers to Robotic Process Automation. Robots are the wave towards operational efficiencies and supporting scale in your company. The central place where RPA is gaining momentum is cutting out the costs of manual micro-tasks and activities, ...
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Hana bounce


Since the beginning of the New Year, we see a nice uptick in the SAP-Centric Software and Services Market. It is hard to say if the bounce is due to:
  • Pent-up backlog and demand,
  • Post-election Bounce,
  • Adoption of SAP HANA and Cloud-based Strategies.
Or, all of the above are triggering the increased activity. If you analyze SAP’s recent 2016 Financial results, there are a lot of positive takeaways with HANA and their Cloud strategy. There are 5400 S/4 ...
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SOP Plan


“We got the phone call late one Friday afternoon! One of our manufacturing customers was slashing their quarterly and yearly orders due to a slowdown in their business. Everyone was scrambling to figure out the impact on our revenue, inventory, and demand plan and supply chain.” The global business manager was on the hot seat! The demand planning processes were not geared to calculate the impact of this hit quickly. Executives wanted the answers NOW! Could this happen to ...
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THE ULTIMATE HR MOBILE APP Improve the HR Experience for your Employees!

Service and support requests were burying the HR department. The backlog was a major frustration for employees and management. HR was desperately trying to keep up with the many repetitive requests, “how many vacation hours do I have?”, “I am getting married; how do I change my benefits?” Like many manufacturers, their HR department is lean. Keeping track of over 8,000 employees on multiple shifts is not an easy task. The HR associates were stretched responding to the thousands of ...
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DO YOU WANT TO PUT MORE CASH IN YOUR POCKET? Slash the Cost of Disputes and Collections with SAP FSCM

“The economy is getting better; we should see our write-offs go down!”, one Director of AR recently exclaimed! It is unfortunate that the economic cycles influence when broken processes get fixed. As easily as the economy improves, it can swing in the other direction, and you are right back into a bad situation of increased disputes, collection issues, and write-offs. How reliable are your disputes and collections processes in your business? The disputes and collections process is often one of ...
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Driving Down Your Financial Cost Of Operations In SAP? Assessing your ERP TCO

How long does it take to close your books? Do you think it should take less time to perform these tasks? Recent studies suggest that it should take three days to close your books. From our experience, we see an average of 5 – 10, sometimes more. We are going to highlight how you can reduce your month end close at the upcoming SAP-Centric Financials Conference in Dallas, February 21-22. To learn more go to There are two primary ...
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BW AND FINANCIAL PLANNING Funny Things Happen When Someone Retires!

After 35 years, the heart and soul of the global budgeting and reporting processes was retiring. Ingrid served the CFO, Finance, and country controllers group for this CPG cosmetics leader diligently and competently. How was she ever going to be replaced? Ingrid was responsible for maintaining the global transfer pricing system the company used for budgeting, reporting and margin analysis. How many times have you heard of a well-respected producer retiring or leaving the company? The amount of knowledge leaving ...
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How long does it take to close your books? Do you think it should take less time to perform these tasks? Recent studies suggest that it should take three days to close your books. From our experience, we see an average of 5 – 10, sometimes more. Last month we highlighted how you can reduce your month end close at the SAP-Centric Financials Conference in Dallas. To learn more CLICK HERE . There are two primary reasons why customers are ...
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Thank You 2016: The Year in Review – We are Grateful for our Clients, Partners, Consultants and Friends

Once again we approach the end of another year, and I reflect on the past year. I went back to last year’s article and reviewed the topics I discussed. The key trends were:
  • HANA
  • The Cloud
  • Mobile Solutions
As we move into 2017, these major trends will continue to dominate the IT and business landscape. Where these strategies fit is still an outstanding question. HANA is the number one question we hear about from clients. Unlike last year, ...
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The Grinch May have Stolen Christmas, But the Frisco Family Holiday Store Program Saved It

Nikki, a young single mother of two teenage girls, was walking towards her car, arms filled with Christmas gifts. She gently placed the gifts into the car and turned toward Jennifer, tears streaming down her face, “You saved Christmas for my family!” she said.  They hugged, maybe to stay warm, or just show the gratitude that Nikki felt towards the Holiday Store Program sponsored by Frisco Family Services. Raising two teenage girls as a single mom isn’t easy. It’s even ...
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Are You Getting The Benefits Of Outsourcing? 3 Tips For Improving Business Process Outsourcing With Sap.

Outsourcing Business Processes is a strategic decision. But, are you getting the benefits that you expected? One of our clients was poised to knock it out of the park – grow significant revenue introducing a new product line through a new channel. The growth could only be reached if they outsourced certain business processes to a distribution subcontractor that had the technology needed for this product line. After six months of piloting the outsourced processes, they had not come close ...
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What Can You Accomplish with Your Extra Time? Titan’s EasyPrice Increases Sales and Saves Time!

What can you accomplish with your extra time? This topic came up when we were talking with one of our customers about EasyPrice, our mobile SAP compatible Quote and Sales Entry app. Our customer, a manufacturer and distributor, has a field sales group that submits quotes via phone calls, email or fax to the Inside Sales Team at the home office. The inside sales reps entered the quotes into SAP and then sent them back to the buyers for their ...
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What Starts Well, Ends Well! Core Values Improve The Success Of Your SAP Project

Is a new project like the start of a new day? Is it an opportunity to collaborate, develop your career skills and build value for our customers? Do you look at each new project as an exploration of the possible or a slow dredging of careers, spirits, and souls through the mud of the improbable? We believe that “what starts well, ends well!” Moreover, to progress successfully through your challenging IT projects or portfolio you need Core Values to guide ...
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Is Blood Coming Out Of Your Eyes? Simplifying The Sap User Interface

Are your users still complaining about the complexity of your SAP screens? Are they sticking pins in their eyes to ease the pain of moving through multiple screens to process a transaction? Since the inception of SAP’s R/3 product and still today, I have heard users complain about the SAP GUI and screens.  Many software development companies developed screen-scrape applications specifically designed to help SAP customers simplify the interaction between users and SAP. In S/4 the ABAP development environment (SE38 ...
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Grateful To Those That Serve And Have Served In The US Armed Forces!

Did you know that Veterans Day, celebrated annually on November 11 was the last day of WW I? Veterans Day honors and recognizes those that have served in our countries Armed Forces: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Air National Guard and Coast Guard. Titan Consulting salutes those that have served and recently sponsored Operation Gratitude during the SAPinsight and ASUG All Texas Chapter meeting in Dallas. We are honored to partner with these great organizations to recognize the sacrifice and commitment ...
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Micro-Consulting: We Wrote The Book On It! Titan’s Fractional Consulting Services

It was month-end; the numbers did not agree. Our client’s off-shore team was taking too long and couldn’t promise that they would solve the problem before the books had to be closed. At Titan Consulting, we deal with this type of urgent care and support situation all the time. You have a problem you thought your off-shore team could respond to in time; wrong! We developed our Fractional Consulting Services for this reason, to help you when you need it ...
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3 Keys To Unlock Your HANA Upgrade

50% of SAP HANA early adapters are migrating to Suite on HANA (SOH)? What are the keys to unlock the upgrade path to your HANA migration? At SAP TechEd 2016, HANA took center stage. What is the first thing you need to do? What version of ABAP Application Server is required? What about a dual stack environment? One of the best-attended workshops provided these answers and more. There is a ton of information to consider and multiple paths to follow ...
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Improve Your Chances To Get Your Dream Job! 3 Resume Mistakes That Can Knock You Out

How would a busy recruiter react to your resume? Would it make the “A” pile, or get tossed into the “round file” (i.e., the trash)? To find out, we asked our recruiting team for their recommendations. Our team receives over 300 resumes every week and they have plenty to say about the good, the bad and the unmentionable. Get a towel – our recommendations may hit you like a bucket of cold water. Especially if your resume makes one of ...
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Paul McCartney’s Rumored Death and ABAP: What Do They Have in Common?

Other Things You Could Have Learned at SAP TechEd 2016! What did you learn at TechEd this year? We took our entire Sales Team to SAP TechEd 2016 because we invest in our Sales Directors to know and understand the latest technical advances and direction that SAP is moving. SAP TechEd is wrongly perceived as the little brother to SAPPHIRE, SAP’s annual user conference. Over 6,000 attendees descended upon The Venetian / Palazzo Congress Center for a week focused on ...
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The Fantastic Four: Planning for Your S/4 HANA Implementation

Last month, we shared the story of how S/4 HANA changed the game for one of our customers, a leader in the global building supplies industry. In this episode, we reveal the planning phase of that project, and how our own Fantastic Four streamlined operations and wiped out inefficiency for our client. Back story: Years of growth through acquisition built tribes of individual experts, but hampered the financial closing process. Our client was determined to standardize and harmonize the business ...
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Do You Feel The Need For Speed? Mike Haggar With His Hair On Fire

When you were 2 years old, what did you dream about? Mike Haggar dreamed about racing cars and today, he is living that dream. From as far back as he can remember Mike Haggar wanted to race cars. When he turned 12, his dad said that if he helped pay for it, they could get a kart. Mike didn’t waste any time finding ways to earn the money. He started mowing lawns and raking leaves for his neighbors to raise ...
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An Inconvenient Truth: Migrating to S/4 HANA – Moving Custom Objects to S/4 HANA

When planning your migration to S/4 HANA, don’t forget to plan for your custom objects! SAP provides a couple of paths to S/4 HANA to take advantage of the in-memory technology. The two options are:
  1. Apply Service Packs to get to the correct starting point (if you are already not there), upgrade to HANA database, the S/4 code base, and code changes for process and technical changes;
  2. Re-implement on S/4 HANA.
The inconvenient truth; depending on the amount ...
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Simple and Easy – Streamline your AP Processes – Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) with SAP and OpenText

Yes, Accounts Payable (AP) is boring! But it is one area of the business that makes your business partners, critical suppliers, and employees successful and happy. If you want to run a good business, pay your partners on-time! What prevents most businesses from paying on-time and how do you fix it? Fouled up accounts, duplicate invoices and un-recorded vendor invoices are the main reasons why payments get delayed or consume resources. Let’s look at a few statistics! It costs about ...
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Disruptive Technologies Require Clear Planning and Leadership: Planning for your S/4 HANA Implementation

One of our clients is embarking on their S/4 HANA journey. How did they arrive at this important decision? We want to share that with you in a two part series. In this article, part 1, how did they assess and justify their decision? The second article will focus on how our client planned the project; some tasks - pretty much the same for ECC, other tasks - very different. Backstory Our client leads the global building supplies industry ...
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When saying “Thank You!” is not enough: How You Can Support Those That Serve

“The Brain Treatment Center helped me to greatly reduce the symptoms of PTS, and I am now able to live my life in the way that was intended; happy, healthy, and fulfilling.” They have served us, and this is how Boot Campaign serves our veterans! Many veterans have served in Iraq or Afghanistan and suffer from PTS symptoms. It affects the soldiers, their families, and friends. Inspired after reading “Lone Survivor,” Boot Campaign was founded by 5 Texas women; the ...
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Using Google Analytics with SAP

SAP has an excellent product line for generating and interpreting analytics data from any module. But for those customers that have not yet implemented the SAP analytics modules, there is a low cost alternative in the form of Google Analytics. “Built to last companies” need analytics. But, you don’t wake up one day and anoint yourself as a Level 5, top percentile, analytics company. How can you use Google Analytics with SAP?  One of our clients, a more mature ...
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Cyber-security and the SAP Systems

Did you know that 35 to 40% of cyber-security breaches occur behind your firewall? The media likes to talk about the breaches that occur outside your network. The biggest threat is still internal; employees and partners who have access to sensitive data; customers, vendors, revenue, contact lists, and of course the ability to create or change bank account information. How do you prevent this? SOX compliance focuses on user roles. Segregation of Duties (SoD) prevents a single employee from ...
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On-Shore SAP Application Development: Beating the Off Shore Providers

Are you frustrated by your off-shore or near shore App Dev partner? We listen to our customers talk passionately on this topic. Have you heard the phrase, “Just what we asked for but not what we needed!”? One customer complained about the working hours not being the same when he needs the help. Another criticism is the lack of understanding of the business processes.  Unfortunately, too often we hear about language barriers. Yes, but can you beat the rate? What ...
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We are not all Maytag Repairmen: Reducing Unplanned costs with SAP Service Management

Getting it done right the first time is the goal of world-class service and repair businesses. Unfortunately, it is not always that easy. Significant time, dollars, reputation, and goodwill are lost or wasted when a technician doesn’t finish the job, and the equipment is still down. One of our clients, an elevator repair service, accounted that technicians do not have the right part, or unplanned visits were the single largest cost driver. The Service and Repair component of your business ...
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Success with SAP SuccessFactors: Three Critical Decisions for your Talent Hybrid Model

Making the move to the cloud isn’t an easy decision to make if you’ve lived through an on-premise ERP implementation and invested heavily in that system. There are different considerations, (i.e. how much to bring into the cloud, where does your data live, how will it be maintained going forward, the list goes on). We want to share three critical decisions to consider overcoming the hurdles and challenges on your way to the cloud. The three critical areas for decisions ...
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If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now: Little Hinges Swing Big Doors

We always say, “Our best customer is an educated customer!” Many of our customers are asking us about S/4 HANA and what more do you get from it. They want a quantifiable ROI from S/4, which they say is hard to justify based on their R/3 or ECC experience. Frequently, there are many reasons why measuring ROI on IT projects is a challenge. My experience shows:
  • Projects are often influenced more by budget and timelines than business outcomes;
  • Resources ...
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Coloring Outside the Lines: Pathway to Quality Care Conference

Today, raising a child is everyone’s business. This may be a shocking reality to many. With many single parent homes or homes with both parents working, raising a child can often be a shared task. For homes with children at-risk, state, and local child care service organizations provide the care that supports children and strengthens the community. In the DFW area, the Child Care Licensing and Northeast District Advisory Committee help to ensure that child care agencies get the proper ...
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“Who’s on First?”: Keeping Score of S/4 HANA Cloud and On-Premise Releases

“With which release of S/4 HANA should we begin our journey?” is a question our clients frequently ask us. SAP has five editions of S/4 HANA Business Suite, and it’s tough to keep track of them. The easy answer is to ask your SAP Account Representative. If that is not convenient, then here is an easy way to keep track. S/4 HANA has two core offerings, on-premise (OP) and cloud.  There is one on-premise edition and four cloud editions, one ...
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S/4 HANA Use Cases: How are Early Adopters making their Case?

Operating in real time is no longer an aspiration – it’s a necessity.  Organizations today need to perform in an always-on, digitally-connected, and Big Data-driven world.  To do that successfully and survive, you need all the information available to you right now – there is no time for batch processing and long-running programs.  You need transactional and analytical data ready in real-time, and in-memory. That is why you need S/4 HANA. S/4 HANA is SAP’s bold and game-changing ERP initiative ...
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Perfection vs. Success? Thoughts on the Perfect SAP Project!

In our April Titan News, we published an article “The Perfect SAP Project”. We discussed the rarity of those “Perfect Projects” as well as key components. A day after publishing, I received the following email from a long-time associate of ours, Andy J. Huerta. I just read your article on the "Perfect ERP Project."  I think the article emphasizes a topic that is a fallacy as there isn't a "perfect" project, ERP or not.  I think you're setting yourself up for failure ...
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I’d like to Connect with you on LinkedIn: 5 Steps to Build your Brand on LinkedIn

A few years ago, I was one of the many that resisted the gravity of social media. I was not active on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. But I wanted to build my career and earn a better position. I saw some posts from peers and colleagues and admired the results they were getting. I wanted to be a part of that trend and build my career leveraging LinkedIn. How do you build your brand on LinkedIn? “Relevance” is the key ...
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Sapphire Now

Called to Lead: Discussion on Leadership and The Power of Diversity in the 21st Century

Do you have a diverse workplace? One of the events that did not get as much publicity as HANA or S/4 HANA was the “Called to Lead Summit.” This Summit, previously referred to as the Woman’s Leadership Summit, was hosted by Jen Morgan, president of SAP North America, and attracted over 500 woman and men on Monday afternoon. Over the course of the afternoon, there were many notable quotes and ideas shared on the benefits of diversity in the workplace ...
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c4c Cloud 4 Customer

“CRM is Dead!”: Time to look at SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

Bill McDermott and Bernd Luekert during their SAPPHIRE keynote presentations claimed, “CRM is Dead!” While we do not think that CRM is dead, we do think the customer-centric model for CRM is evolving in the digital economy. This statement was meant as a shot across the bow and serve notice that SAP’s cloud solutions are worth a look! In April, SAP renamed their Cloud for Customer solution as SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C).  Why change the name; to raise ...
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One Piece at a Time

Lessons on Implementing your Cloud Strategy, by Johnny Cash: “One Piece at a Time?”

What model Cadillac did the GM factory worker drive? It’s a ‘49, ‘50, ’51, ’52 Automobile; it’s a ‘61, ‘62, ’63. The Man in Black shared some strategic IT insight from his ’76 classic, “One Piece at a Time.”  Does your ERP Application Roadmap remind you of Johnny’s Cadillac? “Til we tried to put it all together one night, the transmission was a ’53 and the motor turned out to be a ’73. And when we tried to put ...
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Protect Your Data : 3 Tips to Securing Company Issued Mobile Devices

It doesn’t matter whether the device is employee or company-owned, hackers want your personal and business information. Hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated and creative on accessing your device.  Every day, friends, co-workers, partners and businesses are affected by cyber-attacks at an increasing rate.  According to a CNBC report, “Over a billion personal data records were compromised by cyber attacks in 2014.” Do these three things to help prevent loss and theft of personal and company data.  1 ...
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What is S/4 HANA? Frequently Asked Questions on S/4 HANA!

FAQs are a great way to get a sense of what the market is perceiving of SAP’s new generation of ERP. After talking with some of our customers and listening to the buzz in the user community, we wanted to share some of these questions and answers with you! What is S/4 HANA? S/4 HANA is SAP’s next generation business suite built upon SAP’s in-memory HANA database platform. In classic SAP fashion, S/4 follows R/3, plain and simple. You ...
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SAP GRC: The Sweet Spot: Where Productivity, Confidence and Security Meet

An increasing number of companies are caught off guard by cyber-attacks and security breaches because they do not have effective measures in place to prevent them.  This oversight can lead to financial devastation, loss of jobs and more.  User access is the primary culprit of such breaches – including inside jobs.  By integrating technology like SAP solutions for Governance, Risks and Compliance (GRC), you not only reduce risks, you also create transparency in a way that saves time and ...
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The Perfect ERP Project? Take the escalator to the 3rd Floor, next to the Unicorns!

We were shocked that many IT Professionals have never been on a successful ERP project. At a recent SAP conference, we randomly asked attendees with 5 years or more ERP and IT experience, had they ever been on a successful project? We were amazed very few professionals had been on a project that they considered a complete success. The answers we heard were, “Yes, we were on-time and on-budget, but the business didn’t get all of what they were promised.” ...
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Activate S/4 HANA, the Digital Core: Critical Steps for Planning your S/4 HANA Migration

With SAP’s emphasis on HANA and the value of HANA and S/4 HANA as a disruptive platform, it makes sense to put this project on your IT Roadmap. If you currently have ECC, the first question is deciding which of the two upgrade paths you should take:
  • SAP Business Suite (ECC, CRM, BI, etc.) on HANA (SOH), or
  • Activate S/4 HANA
We will focus on Activate S/4 HANA, the adoption framework leveraging best practices, methodology and prescribed steps ...
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Technology and Autism: Connecting kids to their voice, Unlocking the possibilities within

“Tap-Tap-Tap…” This is the sound millions of people are making at this very moment on their iPads. Whether surfing the web or updating our social media status, tablets are simply another way many people engage in their daily lives. However, to a child challenged with autism, an iPad can offer a breakthrough to a more normal life. When Chris Benson, a member of Titan’s team, and his wife, Meredith, saw their son was having some learning difficulties, they had him ...
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Cyber Security

Cyber Security: What Executives Need to Know?

It’s a complicated world for C-Suite Executives. Today’s executives face a business environment that is increasingly more complicated to read and adapt. Key challenges include navigating the right strategy for growth, acquiring the best talent, and harnessing the power of big data and digitization paint a competitive landscape. As Executives observe the global business environment, one concern continues to grow in magnitude among all others. 61% of CEO’s interviewed in the PWC 2016 CEO Survey mentioned that Cyber Threats are ...
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Enhance Your User Experience: Prepare for Fiori With a Portal Upgrade

Which one is not like the others?
  • BMW, “The Ultimate Driving Machine”
  • Nordstrom, the leader in customer service
  • Alinea, the best restaurant in Chicago
  • The Plaza, the finest hotel in New York
  • SAP, awesome user experience (UX).
SAP has excellent software, but don’t ever accuse it of having the best UX … until now! Many users consume and process information through the SAP Enterprise Portal (EP). Many of these portals were stood up years ago to enable users ...
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The Force Awakens: Data-Driven, Decision-Making HANA Live Tools

“The Force is calling to you. Just let it in.” The calling says to move away from the Dark Side. It is there; it always has been within your organization the whole time. Like stars in the galaxy, millions of data points are there to unleash the intelligence, knowledge and predictability currently lying dormant deep inside your business. How do you unlock the secrets of this data? No, we are not using mind probes or lightsabers, classic tools from the ...
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What Happens in Vegas

What Happens in Vegas… Should be Shared!

Every January, SAP hosts their annual Sales Kick-Off event, called FKOM. This year, about 6,000 SAP employees and partners descended upon Las Vegas for two days to learn how SAP will address their 2016 go-to-market strategy. Granted there is a lot of Kool-Aid served and consumed at sales kick-off events, but this year, there was a little extra spike in the punch! Bill McDermott, CEO and member of the SAP Executive Board, gave an inspiring summary of the 2015 results ...
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Getting to Operational Results, Fast: HANA Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS)

Last month we talked about why HANA and Analytics should be on your IT Roadmap. This month, we will dive down to show how Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) drives results in the shortest period. We are assuming that most of you understand that HANA and Analytics is an evolving process; start small, get some wins and then continue to roll it out to other areas. The most difficult question to answer is where to start? With SAP HANA RDS, deciding ...
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after the sale

After The Sale, Who’s Securing the Transaction?

T.J. Maxx and HomeGoods paid out $168 million in 2007 from the theft of consumer credit card information related to purchases at its many stores. More recently, the impact for Target has been deeper and more damaging, according to some analysts. The company set aside more than $1.2 billion for legal, settlement and regulatory claims according to the company’s filings. Moreover, the trend is expected to grow. Executives responsible for credit card information should be looking to minimize their associated ...
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Picking a Secure Partner: Announcing the Titan Consulting Heartland Partnership

Security is a hot topic these days, as it should be. Look at what’s happened in the past 15 months to Target, Costco, Home Depot, and many other highly admired retailers. These Fortune 500 companies have access to the best technology and resources and still could not prevent a data breach of their customers’ sensitive information. With the launch of chip-based EMV credit cards in the U.S., a liability shift in the payment acceptance process has also occurred. Now, the ...
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Social Nightmare

The Social Nightmare: What You Can Do After a Bad First Impression

You’ve planned, rehearsed, and know exactly what you want to say. You are more than aware how critical a first impression can be. It all happens in the first few moments of meeting someone. You don’t have a lot of time, and yet, so much can occur in those precious few seconds. Then you meet, and during those four seconds, you do “that thing” you hoped to avoid. You bomb the handshake, say something unintentionally insensitive, make a joke in ...
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Analytics on HANA: Real Analytics, Real Fast

So what are you doing about HANA and Analytics? HANA, rightfully so, is getting significant push and investment from SAP. This in-memory technology is a game changer. At SAPPHIRE this past year, we heard Bill McDermott, SAP’s CEO, give an inspired presentation on the benefits of HANA. Hasso Plattner, innovator and chief technologist behind HANA, raised the bar even higher with the re-invention and re-imagination of your business and processes. Is HANA the foundation to take your business to the ...
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2015 in Review

A Time to Reflect and be Thankful As we close out another year here at Titan, our 15th December as a company, it is a good time to reflect on the past year. Once again, we’ve been able to grow our client base in new areas, the West Coast and the Northeast, and we continued to grow in our core region, the middle third of the U.S. Each year that I’ve been in the SAP market, it is interesting to ...
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Too Much Time Getting Pricing Approved?

Mobilize It with easyPrice! It’s the end of the month, your kid’s game starts in 2 hours, and you’re buried in emails and conference calls trying to get pricing and deals approved.  How can you miss another game? This process has been in place since you started this job and it looks like it will continue long after you’re gone. There has got to be a better way! With mobile devices and technology, we are supposed to be a connected ...
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Data Driven Dashboard: Driving the Right Action

Are your Dashboards Telling the Right Story? Not all Dashboards are created equal! They are timely decision-making tools, and users love data visualization, technology, simplicity, and ease of use. However, do dashboards drive the behavior and action that you expect? In this first of three articles, we will share some “lessons learned” about how to design an effective dashboard. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a good dashboard is worth millions! Like a well-placed exit sign on the ...
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Results for a Fraction of the Cost!

Just got back from an SAP conference, and what a great event it was this year. We saw many of our long-standing customers and were excited to meet some new ones. We use events like this one as a barometer of the market and, based on our experience, there are some sunny days ahead for the SAP community. One conversation that surprisingly kept popping up was about how to better use an SAP Services firm like Titan to meet cyclical ...
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When you Need to Ship More than Just Your Pants

Ship More, Ship Faster with Titan’s easyShip Over the years, I have enjoyed watching the carrier wars played out on TV. First, we heard, “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight” followed by, “What can brown do for you?” And while the slogans may not be in the mainstream anymore, one problem still exists. It takes too long to prepare, weigh, document and ship a package! How many packages do you ship a day? Are you spending too ...
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Your Warehouse – SIMPLIFIED!

Take Your Efficiency to the Next Level With easyWarehouse Have you ever been tasked with searching for a needle in a haystack? What about a needle in a field of haystacks? While most people would call the task unrealistic or flat-out impossible, others look for solutions to effectively and efficiently find that proverbial needle. Now, imagine that field is a one million square-foot warehouse. This warehouse is running outdated, non-integrated technology that is prone to mistakes, data inaccuracy and data ...
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Building the Strongest Foundation – How Titan can Become your Trusted Advisor

After 14 years, Titan Consulting’s first customer continues to be one of our best — one of many that has remained long-standing. Time and time again, they choose to utilize our services to satisfy rigorous requirements, tight budgets and complex engagement models. Titan has taken on and embraced the role of Trusted Advisor, and we do what is right to help our customers. Why do you keep going back to your favorite restaurant, or barber, or mechanic or any other ...
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The IT Game is Won by Doing the Little Things Right

Tom Landry, coach of the Dallas Cowboys for almost three decades, said, “The job of a football coach is to make men do what they don’t want to do in order to achieve what they’ve always wanted to be.” The same is true of being a parent. Your children don’t always want to do what you tell them, but, if you’re thoughtful about the rules you set and the expectations you have of them, they can achieve what they ultimately ...
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How Can Titan’s Mobile Platform INCREASE Your Field Sales?

If you’re unfamiliar with Titan’s Mobile Software Platform, here’s a little bit of background on it and why it can do amazing things for your enterprise. First of all, let’s share a few of the “myths” that we have heard:
  • It costs millions of dollars just to build the infrastructure of a fully functional mobile platform.
  • It takes special expertise and droves of resources to implement.
  • It takes too long to see any meaningful results.
This just isn’t ...
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Improve your ROI in Your ERP Platform

Are you getting the ROI that you expected out of your SAP system? That is a question we address each and every day. Titan Consulting has years of business and SAP experience, which means we’re in a unique position to help SAP users continuously increase their ROI and reduce IT and department spending. Have you heard the expression “little hinges swing big doors”? As it relates to your business, we see that small improvements in a business process can result ...
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When Bad Things Happen to Good Companies: What Executives Need to Know about Cyber Security

Frantically searching through his belongings, he realizes, he had been compromised.  The blood drains from his face as he looks around the room in a state of panic.  Silence!  His heart skips a beat.  They had stolen everything.  Like ghosts, the perpetrators had been lurking in the shadows, undetected by the best security team around.  “How long had they been there, watching my every move?” he thought as the sweat dripped from his chin.  “How could this have happened?”  It ...
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