Building the Strongest Foundation – How Titan can Become your Trusted Advisor

After 14 years, Titan Consulting’s first customer continues to be one of our best — one of many that has remained long-standing. Time and time again, they choose to utilize our services to satisfy rigorous requirements, tight budgets and complex engagement models. Titan has taken on and embraced the role of Trusted Advisor, and we do what is right to help our customers.

Why do you keep going back to your favorite restaurant, or barber, or mechanic or any other business? You trust them, and they provide value for what you pay. You return, time and time again. In your mind, there are no other options. They have set a high standard, and they deliver. They know you, they can anticipate your needs and they work with you to get the results you want.

Relationships built on the foundation of trust are often the strongest and longest-lasting.

Titan does not sell on price; we sell on value — the value of our consultants and their years of business and SAP experience. Call it an old-fashioned approach to doing business. We are here to listen to what you, our customers, want — collaborating and working to deliver value, and building that foundation of trust.

We had pursued a prospect for quite some time, over a couple of years. Finally, they asked us to bid on a fixed-fee project. We were eager to earn their trust and business. After listening to their project requirements, scope and time frame, we recommended a different approach. After the customer had parted ways with two other implementation partners, they agreed to our T&M approach. Our approach improved their ability to deliver the project successfully and keep the solution flexible to their changing requirements.

What is our expertise? Our expertise is solving customer problems! Together, we bring the right consultants with the right business, process and SAP skills. We know when customers need to enhance their business processes; they need a consultant who understands the whole process. For example, if you are implementing CRM, you need a professional who knows CRM, from the opportunity, sales quotes, sales order, delivery and integration to ERP.

Warren Norris and Kent Lamb have over 40 years of SAP and IT implementation experience, working on many projects in many industries; we have seen a lot. Plus, our sales executives average over 15 years of SAP. Our team ensures you are getting the right resource to tackle your problems. How many SAP consulting firms can claim that?

You need someone who is willing to sit down and listen to your needs. Maybe all you need is a couple of hours to discuss ideas. Regardless of your needs in the SAP space, we are here for you. All you have to do is give us a call — we are ready to help you build something great!

For more information on Titan Consulting’s SAP Consulting Services or to see a Business Case for our services, go to, or contact Kent Lamb at 972-377-3525 or email him