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One Small Deed: Setting Off a Chain Reaction of Good

It’s amazing what can happen when one person decides to do good for the world, one Ziploc bag at a time. Like an infectious song or an uplifting comment from a stranger, it can ignite a chain reaction of selfless deeds that can positively affect the lives of so many people — in unimaginable ways.  This reaction led to the genesis of a homegrown operation comprised of a small group of women, including our own, Chrissie Wootton.  They have taken it upon themselves to provide for the less fortunate who are relying upon the Magnificat House for food, shelter, job and work counseling and spiritual guidance.

It all started with a phone call Chrissie received from her friend Julie, the ringleader of the group.  “How was your trip?” Julie asked, “Did you get any freebies?” Julie was referring to soaps, shampoos and conditioners usually left behind at the hotel. Moved by Julie’s unwavering dedication to help the poor and homeless in their Houston community, Chrissie and her friends would eventually turn their monthly social gatherings into a full-fledged philanthropic event.

In addition to the toiletries, they would dig through their closets to find gently used work clothes for the shelter. Occasionally, one of the ladies would see something they liked, and the owner of the item would then ask, “How much is this worth to you?” This exchange would turn into a fun tradition that the group still keeps for the greater good. The seller uses the money to buy things like bottled water, first-aid kits and other necessities from the dollar store. Another gesture is to fill Ziploc bags as care packages, assembled by Julie and then delivered to Loaves & Fishes, a local shelter and soup kitchen run by Magnificat House.

Constantly motivated by their collective purpose, these women view freebies in a brand-new way.  What was once a small, meaningless item, travel-sized shampoo or no-longer-worn clothing, has become an integral part of their mission. It is a simple way to transform the lives of people who are down on their luck and to provide hope, pride and cleanliness.

The next time you travel, before you leave your hotel room, throw those toiletries into your luggage and give them to a worthy charity in your area.

To find out about the Magnificat House or Loaves and Fishes, contact Chrissie Wootton at, or go to the Magnificat House website.

Frisco Food Pantry: 350 Families are Benefiting from Your Caring

The holidays are a time for us to get together with friends and family. We sip on pumpkin lattes or sit around the table basking in the laughter and joy of timeless stories. Not everyone experiences the holidays in the same manner, due to financial struggles, personal loss or medical hardships. And for these families, the Frisco Food Pantry provides a beacon of hope from their current crisis.

Four years ago, a young mother was fighting breast cancer. After a period of remission, it came back, and she began the second round of treatment. This put her out of work, and her husband’s income could not cover all of the bills plus utilities, medical expenses, and food for four. The Frisco Food Pantry stepped in to provide the essentials they needed, allowing the young mom’s family to support her during treatments.

The Frisco Food Pantry looks like your neighborhood grocery store. Recipients are eligible to shop for food, household supplies and, through affiliates, clothing, shoes, coats, and other important personal items.

They have a meaningful impact on their community. In 2014, over 572,000 pounds of food was distributed, as well as $375,000 of relief funds for emergency living assistance. The Pantry is a lean organization run by 14 employees; many have worked there for over 10 years. They rely on the more than 100 volunteers to improve the lives of residents in the communities.

This non-denominational, privately funded and sourced organization focuses on paving the way to recovery and self-sufficiency. Adult education classes help residents with job skills and readiness, health, nutrition, and parenting education with the mission of assisting families in their time of greatest need.

The Frisco Food Pantry is down the street from our office. We embrace their slogan, “Community begins with caring” and appreciate what they do to make Frisco a better place to live and work. If you are interested in finding out how the Frisco Food Pantry or Family Services assists families in crisis, go to If you want to help, visit

Toys For Tots: Every Child Deserves a Toy This Time of Year!

Did you know that Toys for Tots is an official activity of the U.S. Marine Corps? Yes, that elite fighting unit, the tip of the spear, runs one of the largest and longest-standing holiday season fundraising events in the United States, if not the world.

Each year from October through December at designated locations, the Marines collect new, unwrapped, un-opened toys that are distributed as Christmas gifts to less fortunate children in the community. The goal of Toys for Tots is to provide a message of hope to under-privileged kids that will assist them in becoming productive, responsible, patriotic citizens.

In the DFW Metroplex, the Dr Pepper Ballpark in Frisco was the scene of one of this year’s drives. On Friday, December 11, the U.S. Marines and local volunteers were on hand to collect toys. Members of Titan’s executive, sales, recruiting, and support teams collected toys and stopped by the ballpark to donate them to the community.

Deuce and Daisy, the Frisco Roughriders mascot, entertained the people who came to donate toys or make a contribution. Since Deuce gets paid in cotton candy, he was there pulling his usual pranks and making the event memorable.

The gifts that are donated to Toys for Tots are simple but cherished by the children. In past years, children have adored gifts that are available at Wal-Mart, Michaels, or local novelty and toy stores. For girls, craft kits for jewelry, colorful hair weaves, bracelets, and makeup are popular. For boys, they seem to like Star Wars kits, scooters, MP3 players, and Legos.

In 2014, 14 million toys were given to 8 million children. Wow! A beneficial aspect of Toys for Tots is that it is a nationwide program, so everyone can participate. If you are near a Marine base, reserve unit, or recruiting office, they all participate in this annual event and would appreciate any contributions. Since the Marines took over this foundation more than 20 years ago, millions of children have experienced the joy of the holidays through the gift of a toy and hope.

If you are not able to drive to one of the Toys for Tots locations but want to share some cheer with less fortunate children, you can donate online. Ninety-eight percent of your donation goes to the purchase of gifts. You can donate by clicking HERE or visit the DFW Toys for Tots drive for more information.

Make-A-Wish Comes True

How Wild Bill’s Texas Cup is Granting Wishes and Giving Hope

Kelly wanted nothing more than to meet Mickey Mouse before she went to heaven. She was only a child, but diagnosed with a rare form of stomach cancer. Her one dream — to see Mickey Mouse. The Make-A-Wish Foundation made the dream come true for her and her family. Kelly came face-to-face with the Big Mouse himself!

Bill Nuzum, a Vice President at SAP in Dallas, knew Kelly’s story; his family was great friends with Kelly’s family. Their families spent vacations and holidays together. Her story resonated with Bill. What about all of those other young kids out there, just like Kelly, with hopes and dreams? Those kids who want nothing more than to experience joy when joy seems so far away? Bill was inspired.

Since hearing about Kelly’s story, Bill kept it firmly in the back of his mind. In 2010, Bill got together with some SAP colleagues — Kirsta Bradley, Christie Vellenga, Greg Booth, and Kevin Bartley — and founded “Wild Bill and the Red River Gang.” The “gang” was created to help raise funds for Make-A-Wish North Texas.

The gang established Wild Bill’s Texas Cup, a golf tournament dedicated to raising funds for wishes. In its first year alone, Wild Bill’s Texas Cup netted an astounding $56,000! Each Wish is approximately $7,000, and the average goal of a fundraiser is three to four wishes. Wild Bill and the Red River Gang granted eight wishes in the first year and have grown every year.

It’s five years later, and Wild Bill’s Texas Cup is going strong. This year, 12 wishes were granted, and through the dedication and commitment of the Gang, a total of 65 wishes have benefited the children of North Texas and their families. One wish was to play with the Chicago Symphony, another, to have a swimming pool. Not only is it a successful Make-A-Wish fundraising event, it’s become a place to network. Sponsors leverage their relationships with customers and bring attention to the cause.

The event is held in early October. This year, another little girl from North Texas named Raeleigh and her family will fly to Orlando to see Disney World and Cinderella’s Castle. Titan Consulting has sponsored this event to help make wishes come true for kids like Raeleigh and many others. Thanks to so many wonderful sponsors and supporters, along with Wild Bill and the Red River Gang, we can keep making wishes come true and providing memories for their families.

Thankfully, Kelly survived her battle with cancer and now lives in New York with three healthy kids of her own. More wishes can come true with your help! To sponsor or register for the next event, please look for the 2016 event at Wild Bill’s Texas Cup.

Put Me In, Coach, I’m Ready to Play…

How Brian Grandison Inspired a Community

Brian Grandison was coaching kids in Lewisville, Texas, when he noticed many young kids in his community were new to organized sports and lacked fundamental skills such as proper running and lateral movement. He wanted to make sure kids could enjoy and get the most out of sports.

In 2008, Brian founded PART — Power Agility Reaction Training — a summer camp dedicated to promoting an active lifestyle for children. PART teaches kids the basics of sports and athleticism, but in a nurturing environment where they learn how to respect one another and get involved in the community.

When the program began, there were 37 kids enrolled, all between the ages of 5 and 12. By the summer of 2015, that number had exploded to over 500! One of the biggest reasons more kids are turning to PART is accessibility. Brian offers the camp at no cost to kids.

And for kids, PART isn’t just about what they do on the field, but how they act off the field, too. The program helps kids understand respect for one another and the community. Brian says it’s a great feeling to see a 5-year-old run up to a former participant turned junior volunteer and call him “Coach.”

Brian knows every moment of the exhausting week of organizing activities and coordinating volunteers has been worth it when a child comes up to him and asks, “Coach Brian, can I do this again next year?”

With the incredible vision of Brian and the ongoing support of Titan Consulting, other corporate sponsors and the hundreds of volunteers, along with every child, the PART Organization has successfully unleashed the power of together. If you’re interested in learning more about PART, considering a sponsorship or want to learn about enrolling your own child, you can find more information at

Jeremy Caddell, Giving Back to Become an Eagle Scout

We’re proud of the wonderful and giving people on our team here at Titan Consulting. We were thrilled when our event coordinator Jennifer Caddell’s son, Jeremy, was featured on the local DFW CBS affiliate news channel for a very special reason.

In pursuit of his Boy Scout Eagle Scout badge, the highest advancement rank in Boy Scouts, Jeremy had to perform a service project for his community. He decided to build a portable book cart that carries books to sick children requiring treatment at the Children’s Medical Center in Plano, Texas.

For Jeremy, it was an easy decision to help the sick children. This is a way for him to give back to the doctors, nurses, and staff at Children’s Medical. Jeremy was born with a blood disorder and has received treatments from these doctors and nurses. Today, he still goes back a few times per year for treatment, but he’s doing much better, which is excellent news.

Now, he’s paying it forward. When the children find out that the books are delivered by someone just like them, it gives them hope and a smile. The books, for at least a little while, can help the kids forget about their troubles and whisk them off to another world. Jeremy led a book drive to collect over 100 books. He designed the portable book cart using a software program and built it himself.

Only 7 percent of Boy Scouts ever earn the rank of Eagle Scout. Past presidents and leaders dot the list of Eagle Scouts, including former president Gerald Ford, astronaut Neil Armstrong, basketball legend and Senator Bill Bradley, and many others. We know Jeremy will continue in this line of distinction, and we applaud and support him in his efforts to help the kids at Children’s Medical.

If you would like more information on how you can help the kids at Children’s Medical or contribute books to the hospital, contact Jennifer Caddell at This is a great testament of our commitment, unleash the power of together®.