Coloring Outside the Lines: Pathway to Quality Care Conference

Today, raising a child is everyone’s business. This may be a shocking reality to many. With many single parent homes or homes with both parents working, raising a child can often be a shared task. For homes with children at-risk, state, and local child care service organizations provide the care that supports children and strengthens the community.

In the DFW area, the Child Care Licensing and Northeast District Advisory Committee help to ensure that child care agencies get the proper training so that our children experience positive outcomes. To continually enhance the quality of child care, care providers must take training every year.

For many child care providers, getting quality training at a reasonable cost is a challenge. Since 2009, Child Care Licensing has partnered with the Northeast Child Care Advisory Committee to offer a free conference to provide this much-needed training.

Over 500 participants come from over 30 counties to attend the conference. They obtain training on topics ranging from Child Abuse Detection and Prevention, Healthy Diets and Exercise for Children, and Building and Improving Relationships and Communications in Families.

A running theme throughout the conference’s 60+ sessions is that a child should have fun. A very popular class was “Music with Young Children.” It shared how to integrate music into everyday learning activities. Because children learn through different modes, music is a powerful way to stimulate their learning faculties.

The presenters are local and nationally acclaimed speakers and instructors. They bring their unique talents and passion for sharing their first-hand experience, research, and wisdom.  The attendees benefit from their many years of caring and nurturing children to help them reach their potential.

Titan Consulting is a proud sponsor of this event. Our future depends on our children. For every child that we can help to get the care that they need means a stronger community. To learn more about this event, contact Denetra Adams,, or call her at 817.792.4411.