I was watching my college team on Saturday and could not believe how many commercials were on. The one that stood out was with actor Dean Winters practicing his many test crash dummy impressions. The point of the commercial, how a simple incident turns into a bigger problem and conflagrates into a full five-alarm fire.

The funniest incident starts at a tailgate: the barbecue explodes erupting into a massive fire inside the car and sets off a chain reaction.

“And you were in such a hurry to get into the game?”, Winters continues. Does this humorous portrayal remind you how much we need insurance to cover the unpredictable and unforeseen?

You also need insurance for your SAP Applications!

Because the unexpected happens with your systems and applications and you need insurance for big and small fires. You need more than just insurance; you need a partner that is there for you when the fire alarm sounds – Titan’s Application Management Services (AMS).

Our AMS provide you with:
• Reliability
• Predictability and Flexibility
• Insights
• Value

Have you had one small incident engulf your entire system, time, resources, and your energy?

One of our clients had this problem, and we covered it. They called us, and we dove right in and resolved their Transport Layer Security (TLS) upgrade issue.

They were stable for many years on SAP and needed to upgrade TLS levels. The tests were successful in Development and Quality, but when it got to Production, the system crashed. What happened? Customer Sales Reps could not enter quotes and sales orders for two days.

The CIO called us to help, and we resolved the problem within a few hours.

They rely on Titan Consulting to fix their issues when they happen. We specialize in SAP systems: R/3, ECC, BW, BOBJ, CRM, and more. We provide project management, functional, Basis, security, and application development support for all their SAP systems as level 2 and level 3 support.

Another client uses our services as an extension of their IT organization because our rates are fair, predictable, and our service model is flexible.

They have a core team that handles most of level 1 and level 2 work, but at times, needs support due to the volume of tickets, incident urgency, or skill set.

Also, we provide level 3 and level 4 application support. Level 3 covers enhancements, roll-outs, and upgrades to their existing applications and systems. Level 4 is for new products or projects.

They acquired a new business, and we performed the roll-out of SAP modules across the US and Canada. Since our team has dedicated and named resources, we understood their business processes, configuration, and customization. We supplemented our support team with some additional consultants and could deliver the project in 10 weeks.

Our agreement has a defined rate card and getting a budget estimate, and planning was easy. We scoped the processes and customization that were needed and applied the rates to the estimated hours. The Capex was quickly compiled, and the roll-out plan was approved.

Also, we assisted their IT and Business with upgrades, training, enhancements, and new business processes.

Our AMS services provide insights that spotlight opportunities and threats to your SAP system. During our Quarterly Business Review (QBR), we provide data-driven insights into where you are spending your time and resources.

The dashboard is organized by functional area or by service level type that resources are consumed: in Finance or by Application Development. Understanding where the scatter diagram of incidents are coming from may also uncover where you need training, corrections, or additional support.

For another AMS client, we identified a pattern that suggested a need for training. In Finance, we saw a need for training after related tickets were submitted over a 6-month period. After some discussions with the controller, and due to resource promotions and turnover, knowledge transfer was required on Report Writer and AP processes.

At Titan Consulting, we always start with the end in mind so we recommended an intensive 4-hour workshop over a couple of days to review these suspect processes. The Finance team was pleased with the training because they wanted to avoid these repeated blocks and problems in the system.

Yes, our AMS offerings provide more than just insurance. We deliver reliable, predictable, and flexible services that help you run your business more effectively at a lower cost.

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