Enhance Your User Experience: Prepare for Fiori With a Portal Upgrade

Which one is not like the others?

  • BMW, “The Ultimate Driving Machine”
  • Nordstrom, the leader in customer service
  • Alinea, the best restaurant in Chicago
  • The Plaza, the finest hotel in New York
  • SAP, awesome user experience (UX).

SAP has excellent software, but don’t ever accuse it of having the best UX … until now!

Many users consume and process information through the SAP Enterprise Portal (EP). Many of these portals were stood up years ago to enable users a single browser platform to access all of their applications, ERP and non-ERP.

With the introduction of Fiori, EP is getting revisited to align it with many customers UI/UX roadmap.  One of our customers is progressing down this path to enhance their user and customer experience, but also to improve self-sufficiency, browser enhancements and reduce some back office IT support costs.

Our customer, a leader in natural gas and coal, was using EP as the core user interface (UI) for the majority of their 3,000-plus users. The past few years have been tough for businesses in this space and energy companies are always looking for ways to reduce costs while not compromising on UI and capabilities.

Upgrading to EP 7.4 provided an improvement to their users in the field and their offices. Portal users relied upon SSO (Single Sign On), ESS, MSS, OpenText, custom .Net Apps and other enterprise applications. These front end applications integrated with ECC, SRM, BW and other non-SAP applications.

After an initial Assessment from our Advisory Services team, we discovered that a non-standard upgrade path was required due to version and stack compatibility issues with various applications such as ESS, MSS and Travel Management. Working with our team, we recommended a three-month upgrade path and simplified their Portal Landscape.

The upgrade Portal is now ideally positioned to take advantage of the Fiori Launchpad (FLP) included in your software license. The Launchpad enables users to consume any content (Web Dynpro, SAP UI5, SAP Screen Personas, SAP Fiori, Fiori custom apps, etc.). You are not limited to only SAP Fiori applications.

For our customer, SRM is a core application for users in the field. Getting timely submissions of Purchase Requisitions and approvals is critical to getting the work done. With the Fiori platform, requisitions and purchase orders are processed, and approvals running on multiple devices or interfaces (portal, mobile, and GUI) streamline the entire process by not waiting for someone to go to the office.

Yes, SAP UX is significantly improved through a portal upgrade and introduction to Fiori apps. We see high adoption opportunities for our customers on the Fiori platform for Requisitioning and PO Approval for Field Services, R&D, and MRO items.

If you are interested in learning more about the Portal Framework and Infrastructure, Titan and how our Advisory Services can pave the way for your Road to Fiori, contact David Geaslen, david@titanconsulting.net, or 832-422-3251; or contact your Titan Consulting Director. You can also see additional information on our Advisory Services page.