Frisco Food Pantry: 350 Families are Benefiting from Your Caring

The holidays are a time for us to get together with friends and family. We sip on pumpkin lattes or sit around the table basking in the laughter and joy of timeless stories. Not everyone experiences the holidays in the same manner, due to financial struggles, personal loss or medical hardships. And for these families, the Frisco Food Pantry provides a beacon of hope from their current crisis.

Four years ago, a young mother was fighting breast cancer. After a period of remission, it came back, and she began the second round of treatment. This put her out of work, and her husband’s income could not cover all of the bills plus utilities, medical expenses, and food for four. The Frisco Food Pantry stepped in to provide the essentials they needed, allowing the young mom’s family to support her during treatments.

The Frisco Food Pantry looks like your neighborhood grocery store. Recipients are eligible to shop for food, household supplies and, through affiliates, clothing, shoes, coats, and other important personal items.

They have a meaningful impact on their community. In 2014, over 572,000 pounds of food was distributed, as well as $375,000 of relief funds for emergency living assistance. The Pantry is a lean organization run by 14 employees; many have worked there for over 10 years. They rely on the more than 100 volunteers to improve the lives of residents in the communities.

This non-denominational, privately funded and sourced organization focuses on paving the way to recovery and self-sufficiency. Adult education classes help residents with job skills and readiness, health, nutrition, and parenting education with the mission of assisting families in their time of greatest need.

The Frisco Food Pantry is down the street from our office. We embrace their slogan, “Community begins with caring” and appreciate what they do to make Frisco a better place to live and work. If you are interested in finding out how the Frisco Food Pantry or Family Services assists families in crisis, go to If you want to help, visit