How Can Titan’s Mobile Platform INCREASE Your Field Sales?

If you’re unfamiliar with Titan’s Mobile Software Platform, here’s a little bit of background on it and why it can do amazing things for your enterprise.

First of all, let’s share a few of the “myths” that we have heard:

  • It costs millions of dollars just to build the infrastructure of a fully functional mobile platform.
  • It takes special expertise and droves of resources to implement.
  • It takes too long to see any meaningful results.

This just isn’t true!

If you are looking for a robust mobile platform that is tough enough for the oil patch and able to get results before your next budget cycle, then the Titan Mobile Platform is for you. Titan’s Mobile Software Platform offers more than just a responsive app that unleashes the full capabilities of the iPhone or Android ecosystems. We deliver a truly flexible, role-based HTML5 platform designed to simplify the complex tasks of users. That’s why the same app can run just as well on web-based devices as it does on mobile devices like a smartphone or tablet. Here is a great example.

One of our long-standing customers, a leading oil, chemical, and agricultural equipment and service provider, was struggling to keep track of very expensive equipment leased to companies working the oil patch. With over 100 reps in the field tasked with tracking the equipment, the problem was pretty widespread and affected the entire operation. Every year they faced the real possibility of large write-offs or significant revenue adjustments because they could not accurately track and account for equipment. These adjustments sometimes meant tens of thousands of dollars on a monthly or annual basis.

Our customer invited us to help advise them on how to solve this perplexing problem. We approached the challenge looking at the problem from both a process and technology perspective. Was the business process optimal or adhering to best practices? How many stakeholders were tied to these results? What enabling technologies were available to support the equipment tracking, order management, billing, equipment maintenance and repairs?

Our consultants, armed with over 15 years of business process, SAP, and technology experience reviewed the entire Order, Sales, Pricing and Billing process during our Assessment and looked for process and technology opportunities and improvements.

We introduced the Titan Mobile Platform and our easySuite® of Applications. easySales® allowed their reps to:

  • Increase Revenue 300 percent due to improved visibility of equipment and equipment utilization.
  • Initiate Billing cycles in the field.
  • Improve Productivity of existing teams with exponential increase of transaction volume and efficiency; fewer team members to do more work.
  • Generate Dashboards providing key metrics and alerts of significant business events and triggers.

To transform a problem area of your business like this, you might think it would take years. Because we have industry- and technology-leading consultants with years of proven experience, to advise, design, implement and get these results took months, not years. What’s more, the functionality provided by our mobile platforms is useful for SAP and non-SAP applications like Salesforce, SharePoint, BI and other data sources. For instance, a process involving four processes can all be merged onto a single role-oriented transaction for easy monitoring and transaction processing, which improves productivity in a big way. With our framework, it’s easy to expand capability to other easyApplications like easyPrice or easyWarehouse Management. For detailed product features and platform framework, go to for an overview of easySuite® applications.

How can Titan’s Mobile Software improve your business?

Contact Kent Lamb, 972-377-3525 or or your Titan Consulting Sales Representative to arrange an Executive Summary of how Titan Software or Titan’s Advisory Services can unlock the opportunity of your enterprise.