I’d like to Connect with you on LinkedIn: 5 Steps to Build your Brand on LinkedIn

A few years ago, I was one of the many that resisted the gravity of social media. I was not active on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. But I wanted to build my career and earn a better position. I saw some posts from peers and colleagues and admired the results they were getting. I wanted to be a part of that trend and build my career leveraging LinkedIn.

How do you build your brand on LinkedIn?

“Relevance” is the key measure in the LinkedIn algorithm. Lists and “People You May Know” (PYMK) are presented based on a comparison of peers by evaluating the words and phrases used in profiles. The stronger the match to the LinkedIn algorithm, the higher the relevance and appearance on search lists. It does not take a complete rewrite of your profile to improve your relevance.

Here are the 5 most important areas to quickly build your “Relevance” on LinkedIn:

  1. Use a Professional Photograph – The question asked when you look at a photo, do I want to do business with this person? Take the time, invest the money, and get a professional photo taken and posted on LinkedIn.
  2. The Headline is your Marquee – This is your first impression. As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.
  3. The Summary is your 30-second spiel – The biggest mistake professionals make, they say how many years of experience they have, “I have 22 years of blah, blah, experience.” Focus on what your customer gets from those years of experience!
  4. Give the Short Version of your Experience – This is not your resume. Tease the viewer, peak their curiosity, so they want to connect and possibly hire you.
  5. The 5th item is your preference. If you have a unique skill, like sword-swallowing, you may want to call attention to this. Personally, I like ‘Interests’. I can expand on items of personal interest to me, my passions, programs and initiatives I support; it rounds out my professional profile.

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