Improve your ROI in Your ERP Platform

Are you getting the ROI that you expected out of your SAP system? That is a question we address each and every day. Titan Consulting has years of business and SAP experience, which means we’re in a unique position to help SAP users continuously increase their ROI and reduce IT and department spending.

Have you heard the expression “little hinges swing big doors”? As it relates to your business, we see that small improvements in a business process can result in huge savings of people’s time and the company’s money.

Many companies leave functionality out of the original project because of time and budget constraints. They may not further investigate how later enhancement packs could benefit their business. Sadly, often they never take the time to go back and revisit the out-of-scope items or enhancements. Consequently, there are numerous processes that are sub-optimized or long-standing workarounds that could be easily automated, freeing up needed resources.

With the mission of helping our customers get the most out of their SAP system, we are proud to formally offer our Advisory Services for companies that demand more out of their system. We have provided these services for many years as Assessments, Business Process Improvements, Planning Activities, Post Implementation Audits, and other value-added services.

While we focus on SAP, our consultants have extraordinary business process and technical experience that complements their deep SAP knowledge. These skills and thought leadership are used to help us solve your complex problems and challenges. This approach for our advisory services will provide you with greater confidence and certainty. What more can you ask for?

A good example where we achieved some fantastic results was for a manufacturing customer. The North American business was part of a global roll-out, and after the deployment phase, there were many gaps: functional, technical, and change management. We performed an Assessment highlighting the opportunities to close the gaps, a roadmap and resource plan for delivering the enhancements, and provided the estimated costs plus expected outcomes from the investment. In the next phase of the work, we delivered the enhancements according to the plan and provided the certainty and assurances that they wanted.

Another great example is the Process Improvement Assessment performed for a lean division of a global company. They had not changed their SAP business processes to reflect the changes in how they do business now, and they hadn’t taken advantage of new functionality in more current product releases from SAP. In our engagement, we provided a list of simple changes that were part of standard SAP functionality that increased inventory turns, improved production efficiency, reduced pricing errors and more. Yes, small hinges can swing big doors.

If you would like more confidence and certainty about how to reap more from SAP, we can help you!

For more information on Titan Consulting’s Advisory Services, or to see a Business Case on our services, go to, contact Warren Norris at 972-377-3091, or email him