Is Blood Coming Out Of Your Eyes? Simplifying The Sap User Interface

Are your users still complaining about the complexity of your SAP screens? Are they sticking pins in their eyes to ease the pain of moving through multiple screens to process a transaction?

Since the inception of SAP’s R/3 product and still today, I have heard users complain about the SAP GUI and screens.  Many software development companies developed screen-scrape applications specifically designed to help SAP customers simplify the interaction between users and SAP.

In S/4 the ABAP development environment (SE38 etc.) is still very much alive and well.  However, SAP has also created new tools to use with the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment.  These tools include ABAP, BW, Cloud, SAP Gateway, SAP HANA, SAP HANA Cloud Integration, and SAPUI5.

To SAP’s credit, they have introduced tools and development environments to enhance the user experience.  Since the release of the HTML5 standards, SAP has created their own HTML5 development tool, SAPUI5, to take advantage of the features and capabilities of this platform.

With the usage of so many computing platforms, user interfaces, and devices, the development of SAPUI5 was essential to provide access for developers and users across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments.

Can you imagine having to develop, test and maintain code for each of the different devices and computing platforms that are available (watches, phones, tablets, PC’s, etc.)?  With SAPUI5 that is not necessary as the product handles that for you.

It also handles the screen orientation (portrait or landscape) for you as well!  SAPUI5 relies on the Data Services of the SAP Gateway for its logic and data flow. Our architects can show you how to deploy these products to ensure streamlined, use anywhere, access to your SAP systems.

Fiori is central to the modern consumer-grade user experience.  This great tool is a part of the SAPUI5 toolset and allows you to build simplified transactions to accomplish actions within your  SAP ecosystem.  While Fiori is not going to replace your order entry transaction, it can help significantly reduce your end to end process time.

As I mentioned earlier, SAP is incorporating many external tools into the Eclipse environment to better help development teams.  This platform allows multiple people to work on the same project and is effective for in-house development teams with on-premise systems.

What if your SAP system is in the cloud and you want to use SAPUI5 development tools?  Have no fear; SAP has a solution for that as well.  You can also access the SAPUI5 development platform on the World Wide Web.  You have the ability to create SAPUI5 and Fiori Applications there as well.

As we saw and heard at the recent TechEd conference, there are many exciting development tools in the transaction space with S/4. When are you going to plan your approach?

Uncertain which development platform is best for your environment? Our clients rely upon Titan’s Technology Architects to guide and advise which tools best support your development and user experience. We also guide companies on the best strategies and tactics that reduce your TCO.

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