IS THERE ANY BETTER FEELING THAN THE ONE YOU GET FROM HELPING SOMEONE? Helping our Neighbors in Houston, Puerto Rico, and Mexico!

September, we heard about one natural disaster after another. Harvey flooded Houston, then Irma knocked out the Caribbean and Florida, fires engulfed parts of California, and a 7.1 monster earthquake rocked Central Mexico.

We all know someone that was affected by one or more of these catastrophic events. For many of us, our lives have returned to normal. In these disaster zones, the nightmare continues.

How can you help?

In October, “unleash the power of together®” was on full display in The Charity Room at this year’s SAPinsights Conference in Irving, TX. The SAPinsights team raised the bar because the goal of 300 Care Packages to help the victims of these natural disasters was achieved on the first day.

Attendees from Texas and throughout the US and Mexico helped collect and wrap Care Packages. The feeling of gratitude and charity was contagious. One grateful attendee from Houston put more than one Care Package together. These packages consisted of personal care items, diapers, or t-shirts.

She recounted the horror, tragedy, and miracles that captured the nation’s attention for weeks. While she was not affected, her neighbor’s house is still unlivable but was able to evacuate and get to a safe place before the storm’s fury hit. She was in a state of shock as she watched helplessly as the cameras inside of her house captured the slow rise of water overwhelming the house until the camera was knocked out.

Ashley Luttrell, Rachel McIntosh, and Shomari Taylor were the organizers of this year’s SAPinsight charity event. Ashley expressed deep gratitude for Titan Consulting’s continuous support to SAPinsight by sponsoring the charity event. “Titan is a great sponsor and the type of company that we appreciate as a Texas neighbor!” Ashley said.

The SAPinsight and ASUG Chapter meeting has passed, but you can still help with your contributions. We have embraced Houston Texans Defensive End, JJ Watt’s Houston Flood Relief Fund  which has now raised over $37,000,000, but families still need your help!

Thank you to all those who participated in the SAPinsight Charity Room event!