IS YOUR SALES SCORECARD GOING UP, DOWN OR SIDEWAYS? Titan’s easyPrice Provides Sales and Margin Visibility

What impact does a 1% increase in margin have on your business? How about 5%? What would it mean to reduce your sales lead time by 50%, therefore increasing sales velocity?

These were just some of the goals of one of our clients with their implementation of Titan’s easyPrice mobile platform.

A review of the facts in their sales operations:
• 30+ Distribution Centers supporting North America
• 200 Field Sales Reps supporting multiple channels: retail, wholesale, installers
• Dependent upon paper and web catalogs
• Slow quote and sales order approval processes
• SAP ECC backbone for Sales, Inventory, and Production

Their old process was manually intensive, costing considerable time to review, approve and confirm orders and quotes. Our customer, a manufacturer, and distributor have a field sales group that was accustomed to submitting quotes via phone calls, email or fax to the Inside Sales Team; sound familiar? The inside sales reps entered the quotes into SAP and then sent them back to the buyers for their approval.

Yes, a very painful process given today’s technology. But they were not alone. The industry was very competitive, and prices and margins were shrinking. Their investment in a mobile platform had to drive sustainable sales behavior and results, and an immediate ROI.

Buyers want the simplicity and buying experience provided by Amazon or Uber. How are you providing this experience?

easyPrice allows you to adopt this experience but with the integrity you get from your SAP processes for pricing, ATP, delivery, and business partner functionality. Titan’s easyPrice is a Mobile Quote and Sales Order Entry application integrated to SAP’s SD and MM modules.

On their sales scorecard, sales velocity increased on average by 15% and for some outliers, up to 30%. How did our customer increase sales velocity and margin? Today’s buyers expect instant gratification for their purchases. Field Sales Reps can provide quotes, process sales orders, confirm delivery dates anywhere, anytime and are not tied to a price book or desk.

Increasing the velocity of sales was only the tip of the iceberg. The easyPrice platform also helped improve margin on average by about 1% and in some cases, 5-15%. It’s easier to close the deal when you are talking with your customer, at the time when they want to buy, and can confirm terms, dates, and quantities.

Sounds like a win-win-win situation!

1. Buyers will know vital information immediately such as price, availability, and delivery date;
2. Field Sales Reps can serve customers better and improve close metrics by delivering approved quotes in seconds;
3. Inside Sales Reps can focus on sales activities versus non-sales activities.

Adoption by Field Sales Reps can be a risk. easyPrice is not an extension of SAP screens, but a natural HTML layout designed for working while interacting with customers. Our intuitive navigation and workflow accelerates the processing of your quotes and sales orders and pricing approval.

Managing the buyer/seller relationship is a key focus of digitizing your sales organizations. Titan’s easyPrice fills the gaps in your CRM system by simplifying these challenges.

Managers and Reps see the single version of numbers for a period and on a year-to-date basis for sales, orders, and commissions. Organization and individual KPI’s are displayed along with news, notifications, promotions, and status updates on orders. The customizable Dashboard reflects the metrics that allow you and your sales organization and reps to focus on what drives your business.

easyPrice is a component of a suite of mobile applications developed by Titan Software. These applications support companies and operations of all sizes. Our apps can standalone or integrate into SAP CRM, Salesforce, or our Titan CRM platform.

We find that our mobile solutions project a 10:1 ratio of savings to investment or better as presented in the business case above. We design our suite of easy applications with your TCO in mind for Sales, Warehouses, Shipping, HR and other enterprise processes.

We presented a Case Study with our Customer at a recent ASUG sponsored event; here is the presentation. If you would like more information on our easy applications or speak to someone about easyPrice and mobile solutions, contact Joseph Lamb,, 972-743-2872; or contact your Titan Consulting Director. You can also see additional information on our Advisory Services at Titan Consulting,