On-Shore SAP Application Development: Beating the Off Shore Providers

Are you frustrated by your off-shore or near shore App Dev partner? We listen to our customers talk passionately on this topic.

Have you heard the phrase, “Just what we asked for but not what we needed!”? One customer complained about the working hours not being the same when he needs the help. Another criticism is the lack of understanding of the business processes.  Unfortunately, too often we hear about language barriers. Yes, but can you beat the rate?

What if we could match on-shore productivity with off-shore value?

We have been thinking of ways to deliver remote, on-shore application development to our customers. And we have made a breakthrough.

One of our customers is looking at re-engineering their ABAP while migrating to S/4 HANA. We proposed our solution for providing remote, on-shore app dev that rivals off-shore.

“So your resources are US based?”

Yes, our resources reside in the United States and work during your business hours when your teams are working.

“Are they familiar with the way we do business?”

Yes, we are finding some very talented workers that with some additional training and experience understand the business practices and technology that our customers want.

“And there are no language barriers when we speak by phone?” 

Yes, we ensure that all of our remote team members can communicate well, both verbal and written, with your project and team members. Many customers find that communication is the number one reason for inefficiency in the off-shore model.  While the rate may be lower, the actual time to get the work completed takes two or three times longer than on-shore developers.

“Your rates are comparable to off-shore models?”

We prefer to think of it as our value exceeds what you get from off-shore models. Our blended teams consist of senior level developers and analysts and less experienced consultants that together deliver the quality you want in the timeframe you need.

“What is the catch?” 

Sorry, there is no catch. We are doing business the way our customers want it! While our model is not for everyone, we can customize our remote, on-shore model for most customers’ requirements.

Are you frustrated by the results that you get from your off-shore development partner? I would like to share how Titan can deliver on-shore comparable to your off-shore provider. You can contact me, Mark Vasinda, mvasinda@titanconsulting.net, 972.977.3100; or your Titan Consulting Director.