Our Consultants

“A recent industry statistic suggests that over 60% of IT consultants hired are not the right fit. Many firms, including ours, give you a 40-hour trial at no financial risk. But that won’t make up for your hidden ‘costs’ of time and effort lost, not to mention lost momentum.”

Titan’s “Ultimate Consultant” Model

We draw from a comprehensive network of talented solution architects, senior consultants, project managers, trainers, testers, and others. Using our “ultimate consultant” model, we match your needs specifically with those consultants with the highest probability of success.

During our onboarding process, we identify the consulting profile that has produced the most successful outcomes for your specific needs. Even if your experience with ERP consultants has not been a positive one, we can assess what hasn’t worked in the past and use it to help find what will.

Some skills are more evident than others…

Oftentimes consultants don’t work out, not because of hard skills, but because of soft skills. Skills like the ability to communicate effectively and speak your business language; the ability to work as part of your team while providing guidance and leadership.

But these skills take time to evaluate–and that is where we do the work for you.

Our 10-Point Vetting Process

Once we have determined the “ultimate consultant” for your project, culture, and business style, we evaluate each prospect based on the following criteria:

  1. References – We check each consultant’s references, current and past, as well as social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook to provide you with confidence beforehand.
  2. Security / Background Checks – Our consultants go through a complete background and security check to alleviate risk to you and your company.
  3. Certifications – We ensure that claims and statements regarding professional certifications are valid and current for the required jobs.
  4. Business Process – Does the prospect adhere to “best practices” and current Industry knowledge?
  5. Functional and Technical Skills – Does the prospect demonstrate situational understanding of your project’s phases, tasks, and required results?
  6. Track Record – Does the prospect have a track record of success on similar projects and tasks?
  7. Communications Skills – Ability to communicate effectively to team members and leaders and speaks your business language.
  8. Leadership Skills – Ability to work effectively and provide guidance in leading individual and cross-functional teams.
  9. Collaboration Skills – Ability to work both independently and as a team member.
  10. Short term and Long term Interests – Career, vacation, and location/logistics to ensure the ideal work environment.
Titan Consulting has always been able to find good candidates for my consulting needs in a short amount of time and at a fair rate. They make sure their customer satisfaction level is high.EH, Manager at Large Manufacturing Company