Picking a Secure Partner: Announcing the Titan Consulting Heartland Partnership

Security is a hot topic these days, as it should be. Look at what’s happened in the past 15 months to Target, Costco, Home Depot, and many other highly admired retailers. These Fortune 500 companies have access to the best technology and resources and still could not prevent a data breach of their customers’ sensitive information.

With the launch of chip-based EMV credit cards in the U.S., a liability shift in the payment acceptance process has also occurred. Now, the party with the least secure technology is responsible for chargebacks resulting from the acceptance of lost, stolen, or counterfeit cards. If you haven’t started accepting EMV, that could be you.

In today’s IT world, partnering is what it takes to get things done. When we consider partnerships, we look at a variety of criteria:

  • What value does this partnership bring to our customers?
  • What value does the partnership bring to one another?
  • Is it a good fit, technically and culturally?

In the domain of payment processing and cyber security, you only want to partner with the industry leader — Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. We have known some of the senior leaders at Heartland for many years now, and it was only a matter of time before we figured out a way to work together. The time has come to announce our partnership with Heartland.

The first thing that jumped out at us was the risk reduction for our customers. Heartland handles all of the credit card data once it’s integrated with SAP. You may also see a reduction of processing, gateway, and exchange fees.

Reduced risk benefits our customers. Heartland is an industry leader in EMV security on front- and back-end systems. With the increased risk and liability of compromised data, the industry is trending toward outsourcing this platform to Heartland and others.

The synergy we expect from this partnership is mutually beneficial. Titan, a leader in SAP products including ECC, Mobility, CRM and Analytics integrates Heartland’s products into SAP. Many companies have separate systems that have limited or cumbersome integration to their ERP platforms. They struggle to communicate transactions safely and securely between their payment systems and SAP.

Our experienced consultants with years of process, integration and SAP experience connect these systems to reduce the risk of compromised data but streamline the cash and treasury processes.

The Heartland-Titan partnership is a great fit culturally; we see many of the same values. We bend over backward to help our customers, from our consultative diagnostic to structuring of the right agreement for your project and delivering what you want. Our intention is to conduct our business in a fair and honest manner.

Heartland treats their customers and employees the same way. Doing business this way, our customers will prosper and grow through our combined products and services.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Titan and Heartland partnership, contact Warren Norris, warren@titanconsulting.net, 972-679-5183. Or, contact your Titan Consulting Director. You can also see additional information on our Advisory Services page.