Project-Based Services

We had a critical project resource requirement and Titan Consulting was able to very quickly assess the business requirements, identify several qualified candidates, and ultimately deliver a seasoned consultant. The Titan consultant was able to join our team on very short notice, and has made a significant impact on success of our CRM implementation.JM, CRM Manager at CPG Company
Concept: computers with internet open a virtual door.

When “projects” are mentioned, many people think of the first and sometimes difficult implementation and may well have a negative opinion of the project or the software as a result.

Titan has helped numerous clients achieve smooth initial implementations and many of our projects are “phase X.” It is important to get those started on the right track too. Titan’s management team and consulting staff have been involved in hundreds of projects. Our extensive experience allows us to identify and avoid common pitfalls and select the most effective approach.

Examples of Projects Include:

  • New functionality: Implementing Analytics, SCM, Mobility or EAM / Plant Maintenance are just some examples.
  • Upgrades: Whether it is moving to the next release or just implementing a service pack, we can provide the functional and technical expertise to keep this as seamless as possible.
  • Rollouts: If you acquired a new division or operations, or just need to rollout your solution to existing divisions that weren’t part of the original project, Titan has the team that will make that a success.

Project Management & Business Analysis

We offer the following Project Management & Business Analysis resources:

  • Program and Project Management
  • Business and Systems Analysis
  • Business Process Management
  • Change and Release Management
  • Documentation

Agreements & Contracts

At Titan, we approach our agreements and contracts as win-win arrangements that need to make sense for all parties involved. For example, we had a client that wanted us to bid on a fixed price arrangement. After reviewing their requirements, risks, resources and skill levels, we advised them against using a Fixed Price model because we didn’t see success at the end of the project. They insisted on that approach and we respectfully declined to bid.

After a year with two different partners, the client came back to us asking for our advice on how to best run the project. We assessed where they were in their work and recommended a Time and Materials model because it would reduce their costs and allow them to focus more on the work. They agreed and we finished the project on time and within the agreed upon timeline.

IT projects are tricky. They require communication, experience, skill, patience, and leadership.For this reason, we review each project with an open mind. What worked on the last project may not work best this time around. This is why we offer win-win agreements with our clients that work.

  • Time and Materials
  • Risk Sharing/Fixed Bid
  • Value-Driven Agreements
  • Service Level Based/SLAs
  • Work Package Based