Put Me In, Coach, I’m Ready to Play…

How Brian Grandison Inspired a Community

Brian Grandison was coaching kids in Lewisville, Texas, when he noticed many young kids in his community were new to organized sports and lacked fundamental skills such as proper running and lateral movement. He wanted to make sure kids could enjoy and get the most out of sports.

In 2008, Brian founded PART — Power Agility Reaction Training — a summer camp dedicated to promoting an active lifestyle for children. PART teaches kids the basics of sports and athleticism, but in a nurturing environment where they learn how to respect one another and get involved in the community.

When the program began, there were 37 kids enrolled, all between the ages of 5 and 12. By the summer of 2015, that number had exploded to over 500! One of the biggest reasons more kids are turning to PART is accessibility. Brian offers the camp at no cost to kids.

And for kids, PART isn’t just about what they do on the field, but how they act off the field, too. The program helps kids understand respect for one another and the community. Brian says it’s a great feeling to see a 5-year-old run up to a former participant turned junior volunteer and call him “Coach.”

Brian knows every moment of the exhausting week of organizing activities and coordinating volunteers has been worth it when a child comes up to him and asks, “Coach Brian, can I do this again next year?”

With the incredible vision of Brian and the ongoing support of Titan Consulting, other corporate sponsors and the hundreds of volunteers, along with every child, the PART Organization has successfully unleashed the power of together. If you’re interested in learning more about PART, considering a sponsorship or want to learn about enrolling your own child, you can find more information at www.partorganization.com.