Is your open architecture, compliance, and disruption getting too complex for your IT teams? The powerpoint looked easy, but getting all the work done is not.

You have core infrastructure and administrative activities that your basis team performs, but do they have the time or skill set to perform all the tasks when needed? If it doesn’t get done, it can get expensive and messy.

Titan’s Fractional Consulting Services can alleviate the stress, worry, and frustration of these tasks not getting done or done on-time. These technical tasks and activities don’t take up a lot of time – a few hours here, a few hours there. But when you add up the hours, it requires planning, unique skill sets, and often performed at the expense of core, mission-critical tasks.

Our fractional consulting services are short-term engagements for specific or targeted purposes and results. For example, one client needed help upgrading their security protocols, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TSL (Transport Layer Security).

Software vendors like SAP and Salesforce use these security protocols. The certificates expire on a certain date and require updating. The updates occur infrequently, and for a manager or administrator, it may be a secondary priority even though it is of high importance. If you do not perform these tasks often, it takes much longer than the few hours it takes for an experienced person.

We brought in a Senior Consultant and performed these updates along with some other clean up tasks in a couple of days. For them, it is so much easier to bring in an experienced consultant to get this done and out of the way – less stress, guarantee results.

Another client survived an internal audit, and the report disclosed numerous violations in their user roles. The audit report required immediate remediation for elevated risk violations in 60 days. Most consulting service providers and consultants will not pursue a short-term, high-intensity project due to risk and difficulty in finding the right consultant.

At Titan, we recognize that these are typical events that occur in your business and we have a solution to help you – that is what we do, help our clients solve problems.

Our solution, we brought in a Senior GRC and Security Roles Consultant that helped remediate the high-risk violations. He worked remotely for two weeks, full-time, and tackled the biggest issues. Then for the next four weeks, he was used part-time as an advisor, counselor, and hands-on fixer.

The client met the 60-day deadline demanded by the auditors which helped in the eyes of Executives and IT Management.

Fractional services are not used for just emergency situations, but that is where many clients need them. We also perform short-term planning and working sessions. Test Data Migration is a growing concern and effort for many clients. As ERP landscapes evolve in complexity and volume, putting together a timely, cost/value test environment becomes a challenge.

It is not uncommon for a manager to spend weeks or months cleaning up orphan transports in the Test/Quality environment. Getting your TDMS strategy aligned is another area that can streamline your RUN phase of operations.

One client was feeling this pressure after a few mishaps that resulted in some unexpected downtime due to incomplete testing data – yes it happens to other companies too. They realized that they had to improve their TDMS practices; spending weeks to prepare for a weekend shutdown was not an efficient way to support the business.

We prepared a 2-day workshop to identify where improvement opportunities existed. Topics evaluated during the workshop include:
• Current landscape with an overlay of critical business processes,
• Current TDMS Tools,
• TDMS Governance Policies and Practices,
• Benchmarking Activities and Effort,
• Current Metrics and Expectations.

The result of the workshop identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the current model. Also, a list and timeline of opportunities and investments such as TDMS tools, critical test scenarios, and opportunities for improvement and cost reduction. The next phase of the workshop is to implement the recommendations and develop new benchmarks.

Where do fractional consulting services work effectively to reduce risk, worry, and frustration?

Our clients tell us that our Fractional Consulting Services take the weight off and help:
• Offload complicated, high-risk tasks,
• Complete infrequent but critical activities, and
• Supplementing service level tasks when the backlog is too great!

If you are interested in learning how Titan’s Fractional Consulting Services can streamline your operations, help you get more work done, or drive changes in your current processes, contact Warren Norris,, 972.679.5183; or, contact your Titan Consulting Director. You can also see additional information on our Advisory Services page at