Technology and Autism: Connecting kids to their voice, Unlocking the possibilities within

“Tap-Tap-Tap…” This is the sound millions of people are making at this very moment on their iPads. Whether surfing the web or updating our social media status, tablets are simply another way many people engage in their daily lives. However, to a child challenged with autism, an iPad can offer a breakthrough to a more normal life. When Chris Benson, a member of Titan’s team, and his wife, Meredith, saw their son was having some learning difficulties, they had him tested. After receiving the news that he was autistic, they experienced shock and disbelief. But like any parent, they were determined to provide the best nurturing environment for their son.

Their son was 2 years old and his speech was delayed at a 1 year old level. He was very silent, almost locked in his own private world. Chris, the ultimate techie, researched feverishly for tools, methods and environments that would help his son. He came across the idea of using an iPad and downloaded apps and games for him to use.

What happened next would take Chris and his wife by surprise. With the help of the iPad, various speech apps, and a therapist, within one calendar year he had advanced to a 3.5 year old level and was saying sentences and regularly communicating with his parents and friends. Tablets are extremely interactive and fun in guiding autistic children safely through learning and social cues. This animated interaction helps them understand the social and learning cues and apply them in everyday life.

Chris and his wife wanted every parent to have the same opportunity to enhance their child’s life especially those that might not have resources for the technology needed. The Bensons founded iPads4Autism. The 501(c)3 non-profit organization seeks to connect autistic children and adults with life enhancing technology to improve cognitive learning, social and emotional development and communication skills.

To learn more about Chris’s organization visit iPads4Autism also accepts used iPads and android tablets that are often being replaced as companies upgrade to newer models.

For more information, contact Chris at or if you would like to donate directly visit the following site and select ‘Ipads4Autism’ under the fund name:

All financial donations go directly to the purchase or refurbishment of iPads or similar devices for distribution to children or adults with autism.