The Grinch May have Stolen Christmas, But the Frisco Family Holiday Store Program Saved It

Nikki, a young single mother of two teenage girls, was walking towards her car, arms filled with Christmas gifts.

She gently placed the gifts into the car and turned toward Jennifer, tears streaming down her face, “You saved Christmas for my family!” she said.  They hugged, maybe to stay warm, or just show the gratitude that Nikki felt towards the Holiday Store Program sponsored by Frisco Family Services.

Raising two teenage girls as a single mom isn’t easy. It’s even more difficult at Christmas.

The week before Christmas, Nikki and other families shop for their Christmas gifts at the Holiday Store. The gifts are provided at no charge and given to children, teenagers, adults and seniors. Last year nearly 900 people received gifts through the generosity of donations and contributions.

Typical gifts for children, teenagers, and adults include toys, electronics, movie cards, books, gift cards, clothing, sports equipment, and much more. This year Titan’s team focused on gifts for teenagers and filled the shelves with footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, winter accessories, pajamas and makeup kits.

Jennifer Ann Garcia is Seasonal Programs Coordinator for Frisco Family Services.  She, her colleagues and about 100 volunteers work year around to deliver programs like the Holiday Store, Back-to-School and many other programs targeting families and seniors in hardship and crisis. The programs help worthy recipients work through challenging times; lost jobs, medical illness, job counseling, money management and other beneficial life skills.

The Frisco Family Services Holiday Store is down the street from the Titan office. We embrace their slogan, “Community Begins with Caring” and appreciate what they do to make Frisco a better place to live and work. We encourage our team to donate some of their time and talents to programs like the Holiday Store.

If you would like to donate money or gifts, you can DONATE. For more information on Frisco Family Services and how they operate and assist families in crisis, CLICK HERE .

Jennifer waved as Nikki’s car pulled away knowing in her heart that the Frisco Family Holiday Store saved another Christmas.