Using Google Analytics with SAP

SAP has an excellent product line for generating and interpreting analytics data from any module. But for those customers that have not yet implemented the SAP analytics modules, there is a low cost alternative in the form of Google Analytics.

“Built to last companies” need analytics. But, you don’t wake up one day and anoint yourself as a Level 5, top percentile, analytics company.

How can you use Google Analytics with SAP? 

One of our clients, a more mature analytics company, uses Google Analytics (GA) to measure and monitor adoption success of their Fiori roll out. For years, GA was available in the Enterprise Portal to produce the Portal Activity Report. It tracks users activities; views, sites and time spent on a site.

One main advantage of Google Analytics is that it is free! Here is what you get with the free account:

  • Up to 100 sub-accounts for separate analytics scenarios.
  • Up to 50 Properties per sub-account – a Property is a container for tracking all analytics data for a given scenario. Each Property is assigned a unique Tracking ID.
  • Track Views, Dimensions i.e. GL Accounts, Customers, and Segments.

GA also has pre-delivered content consisting of ready-to-use dimensions, reports, and KPI’s presented within a Dashboard.  You can create your own custom reports and dashboards as well.

Interfacing with SAP

Titan Software has created a framework that makes it easy to send Google Analytics data from any SAP module-both from web-based components such as Fiori / UI5 applications and SAPGui-based ABAP modules.

For the Fiori / UI5 modules, the apps are extended using the SAP Web IDE. The boiler-plate JavaScript is placed in the extension of the main controller. Subsequent data collection and transmission is done in extensions to other lower level controllers.

For the ABAP-based data collection, data is collected using user exits / BAdI’s / enhancements and transmitted using a web service.

Titan Google Analytics Framework

The core for this interface is the Titan framework which consists of:

  • Google Analytics support class that:
    • Determines the correct Tracking ID for customer-defined application types and system landscape component (Dev / QA / Production);
    • Defines the required attributes for web service transmission of ABAP-based analytics data;
    • Web service method to send analytics data from ABAP-based modules.
  • Parameter table and maintenance view for customer-defined application types;
  • Parameter table and maintenance view for linking application types to Tracking ID.
  • NetWeaver Gateway service to provide the Google Analytics credentials to Fiori / UI5 components.

The next phase of our clients GA Journey consists of presenting business content in their Dashboards. We will extend the GA capabilities to other cloud and on-premise applications to connect the business data.

Time to results with Google Analytics using the Titan Framework is easy and straightforward. Our client is using an existing SAP Web Application Server (6.40 or later) for ABAP-based analytics. For Web or Fiori Analytics, any Fiori / UI5 system is sufficient.

Google Analytics is a free and easy way to begin or enhance your analytics platform. Our client is allowing us to distribute information on how they use GA. Contact me, Dorian Salmon at 214.912.4423 or or go to our web site and review our Titan Software products.