What is S/4 HANA? Frequently Asked Questions on S/4 HANA!

FAQs are a great way to get a sense of what the market is perceiving of SAP’s new generation of ERP. After talking with some of our customers and listening to the buzz in the user community, we wanted to share some of these questions and answers with you!

What is S/4 HANA?

S/4 HANA is SAP’s next generation business suite built upon SAP’s in-memory HANA database platform. In classic SAP fashion, S/4 follows R/3, plain and simple. You will find official renditions that S/4 HANA represents SAP Business Suite 4 HANA.

While many interpretations exist, the ‘S’ stands for the platform release.  The ‘4’ represents the 4th generation of SAP’s enterprise software i.e. R/1, R/2, R/3 and now S/4.

You will hear some say that the ‘S’ stands for simple, but that is more of a marketing tag line. Hopefully, SAP’s attorneys would not suggest a label. For anyone that knows, implementing enterprise software is anything but simple.

What versions of S/4 HANA are available today?

There are 2 versions of S/4, on-premise edition and cloud edition. Currently, the majority of S/4 implementations are of the on-premise edition.  There are two cloud versions, the public cloud and managed cloud edition.

The cloud editions are brand new, and just now making headlines in the ERP space.

The majority of the existing 2,700 S/4 implementations are of the on-premise variety.  This is because the cloud version has only just become available, and because decision-makers have concerns about putting financially and operationally sensitive data into the cloud, not just SAP, but Oracle and Microsoft.

What is referred to as Simple Finance or Simple Logistics?

This is where the biggest confusion occurs with S/4 HANA. Unlike when SAP released R/3, S/4 is available for all lines of business, all countries, and all industries that are supported by ECC. The phrase “Simple Finance” means that the data structure for FICO is simplified; FICO data footprint reduced by up to 90% through reduction of indexes, aggregates and data redundancy.

How does SAP Fiori work with S/4 HANA?

Fiori is SAP’s new role-based user interface (UX) that runs on any device: desktop, mobile, or a tablet. The Fiori platform allows for an integrated user experience, reduced input screens, steps and key strokes, and analytics and insight on any device.

What does S/4 HANA mean for companies using R/3 or ECC?

There are many paths to get to S/4, and depending upon the release you are on, varying times to get there. We are advising our customers to look at HANA and S/4 HANA as a competitive enabler, a “disruptive platform” (which stimulates organizational and business process change), and Total Cost of Ownership considerations. Many of our customers are inquiring about S/4 HANA and the impact on enterprise data structure, parallel processing, infrastructure, business processes, and security.

More FAQs

These are just of a few of the numerous questions we have fielded on S/4 HANA.

Do you have specific questions about S/4 HANA or HANA? We would look forward to the opportunity to advise and assist you with your questions and how to optimize your results on SAP. Contact Warren Norris, warren@titanconsulting.net or call me at 972.679.5183. You can also contact your Titan Sales Director.