Why Attend SAPPHIRE? 20+ Years of SAP’s Annual Customer Conference

SAPPHIRE is a tough week! We operate a booth 12 hours a day. After our booth duty, we spend time with our clients and prospects over dinner and maybe stay out a bit too late. And then start it all over the next day: a very intense three-four days.

So why do we attend the SAPPHIRE Now + ASUG Annual Conference?

In his best-selling book E-Myth, Michael Gerber talked about how we spend too much time “working in our business” and we need to spend more time “working on our business.” We get bogged down in the day-to-day. SAPPHIRE provides additional perspective to look at SAP as a company and the eco-system and gain perspective where the market and customer base is heading.

SAPPHIRE and ASUG provides us with that opportunity to work-on and fine tune our business. How many chances do you have to get together with 20,000 plus enthusiasts and talk about the direction of your business?

For the past four or five years, SAP HANA and S/4 HANA was the headliner. This year SAP Leonardo was the hot topic of conversation. Leonardo is SAP’s packaging for innovations in IoT, AI, AR, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and other futuristic technologies.

Named after the renaissance man himself, Leonardo helps scale innovation across the enterprise. It connects people, things, and businesses with your existing systems for transaction processing, big data and analytics.

Yes, most of the SAP customers are not ready for Leonardo. They are facing challenges with upgrades to EHP 8, Vendor Invoice Automation or Solution Manager – (we can help you with this). How can you possibly think about Leonardo?

That is the benefit of SAPPHIRE Now and ASUG. There are hundreds of sessions where customers and thought leaders share their strategies and implementation experiences. Just as we saw with HANA and NetWeaver, SAP invests a lot of seed money to introduce these next generation technologies. These marketing investments take three to four years before customers have put together their business case and budgets. Not all companies are early adopters of technology, but what is crystal clear, all companies must adopt!

What is the benefit to send your managers, users, and support teams to the conference?

Mark Twain said, “the most annoying thing in the world is a good example!”. The presentations of real-world experiences by customers are exceptional and highly informative. We want our sales directors to attend these sessions so they better understand the expectations of customers and capabilities of these many solutions.

SAPPHIRE is worth attending. Not only do we get a chance to work on our business, we get to work in our business with our customers and prospects. Our team learns how to better deal with today’s problems, but also plan for tomorrow’s opportunities.

We plan to be at SAPPHIRE Now + ASUG 2018 for the same reasons. If you want to hear about Leonardo, give us a call. If you are not there yet and need ROI or TCO out of your current applications contact Warren Norris, warren@titanconsulting.net, 972.679.5183; or contact your Titan Consulting Director. Check out our other informative thought-leadership articles at www.titanconsulting.net.