Your Warehouse – SIMPLIFIED!

Take Your Efficiency to the Next Level With easyWarehouse

Have you ever been tasked with searching for a needle in a haystack? What about a needle in a field of haystacks? While most people would call the task unrealistic or flat-out impossible, others look for solutions to effectively and efficiently find that proverbial needle.

Now, imagine that field is a one million square-foot warehouse. This warehouse is running outdated, non-integrated technology that is prone to mistakes, data inaccuracy and data redundancy. Oh, and you have to do your job with half the resources and improve your efficiency by 15%. What you would expect is that the warehouse is taking too long to ship orders out the door.

This was a real-world scenario we encountered with a chemical distributor. They recognized the problem and started looking for a practical solution. They needed to update systems, increase productivity and find a way to ensure products were shipped accurately and on time. They turned to the Titan Mobile Platform.

The Titan Mobile Platform is a comprehensive mobile solution, designed to work with a range of devices, including Apple iOS and Android devices, as well as Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices. The software also allows you to take advantage of your device’s full range of capabilities — Bluetooth, camera, GPS, maps, motion, RFID and more.

For warehouse customers such as the chemical distributor that relied on outdated technology and systems, the Titan Mobile Platform gave them the framework to address those challenges, namely through easyWarehouse Management.

The easyWarehouse Management software gives your warehouse team one dedicated environment to perform tasks and access information. There is no need to jump from system to system, and many tedious and error-prone tasks are simplified. Your team can instantly and accurately…

• View real-time stock in the warehouse by product and by bin.

• Perform transfer order picking with quantity updates.

• Perform transfer order putaways with bin confirmation.

• Review customer special instructions from deliveries.

• Make bin-to-bin transfers.

What you’ll find on the easyWarehouse Management app…

• Warehouse Cockpit: Review the workflow for the day.

• Shipping Calendar: Assists you in scheduling your time.

• Full Device Integration: Lets you get the most out of your device.

With full device integration, you can…

• Take a picture of a damaged product and quickly create a vendor return in SAP, with the image attached.

• Instant message within warehouse — communication is instant and effective.

• Use interactive maps to direct warehouse technicians to specific locations of bins inside the warehouse.

• Use your device’s Bluetooth capability to wirelessly connect to a handheld printer to print labels and barcodes.

• Use wireless scanners to process barcoded SKUs and confirm source and destination bins, thereby eliminating manual data entry or re-keying.