Mendix: Time Tracker Video

Time Tracker Application

One of our Titan consultants who is Fiori certified with seven years of Fiori development experience created a Fiori based time-tracking solution. The App took six months from design to deployment in Fiori for this senior developer. This same consultant took the free Mendix online training and received the Rapid Application Developer (RAD) certification. After certification, the consultant duplicated the Time Tracker app and was able to deploy in 13 days – a 90% reduction in effort. This was our consultant’s first project in Mendix after receiving the RAD certification.

The purpose of the Time Tracker application is for employees to be able to enter hours worked. Once the hours are entered by the employee, the time is routed to their manager for approval or rejection. If rejected, the application gives the manager a place to enter a rejection reason, and the timesheet is returned to the employee. The employee can make changes and resubmit.