Mobile Solutions

There are a wide variety of products in the mobile application space for both development and device management. Titan Consulting team members will recommend a technology solution that best fits each customer based on the installation footprint, current requirements, and future needs.
We strive to find an overall solution that is compatible with each customer situation, rather than taking a “cookie cutter” approach for a quick fix that is less than optimal. At the same time, we also believe that proven standard tools and environments are best suited to provide a high-quality implementation.

Titan’s approach is based around the following guidelines:

  • Use the complete SAP Mobile Platform when appropriate for customer needs.
  • When a customer is not ready to adopt the complete SAP Mobile Platform, alternative platforms are chosen that use standards such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Components compatible with the SAP Mobile Platform are suggested whenever possible, such as NetWeaver Gateway, Sencha, etc., to enable a smooth migration to the full SAP Mobile Platform in the future should the customer desire.
  • In the current era of BYOD, our development philosophy is to build a solution compatible with the three major mobile device platforms – IOS, Android, and Windows. When necessary, we will also provide a dedicated device-specific solution for one or more of these platforms.

Solution Design

In conjunction with both business and technology stakeholders, Titan will build clear and concise requirements and specification documents consisting of:
  • Application vision – an overview of application features and functionality;
  • Application architecture – a graphical representation of processes, integration points and data objects;
  • Technical design – both text documents and flow diagrams for each major program object in the application;
  • Wireframes – field-level diagrams of each screen in the application.


Following agreement on the design documents, the application will be developed according to the following guidelines:
  • Integration with SAP is always done with standard processes and API’s;
  • Development is done using current SAP and industry best practices.
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