We don’t just select anyone to be a part of the team here at Titan. We have a rather rigorous screening process, but then again, our clients would demand nothing less. We only select consultants who are truly industry experts, and who possess senior SAP technical and business experience. We also demand unwavering integrity, and a drive to help our company be the best it can be. The drive to exceed our customer’s expectations has caused us to evolve and change the way we approach solutions as the trends in the industry and expectations of our customers have evolved. We like to refer to our consultants as our “Rock Stars”–they are the engine that keeps us moving forward and the face of Titan to our clients. We know that happy consultants make happy clients.

If you think you qualify, this is an exciting place to work. Our team is dynamic, energetic, and we even have a bit of fun around the office. And because we demand performance that sets new standards for the industry, we also offer financial incentives that set new standards for the industry, along with a variety of healthcare, insurance, and 401k benefits. You can get more information about opportunities we have by emailing