Titan Consulting specializes in DIMP (Discrete Industry and Mill Products) with industry niche in Automotive and Wire & Cable Industries.

The SAP Mill Products component adds sector-specific functionality to an SAP system to satisfy the complex requirements of mill industries (e.g. metal, wood, paper, textiles, construction materials, and cable sectors).

These industry segments differ from others primarily in that the materials used have a large number of characteristics and variants. The materials in the segments listed above are also predominantly area-based (e.g. paper, textiles, plastic film) or length-based (e.g. cables, piping). Account must be taken of these material characteristics throughout the entire supply chain.

To cater for the particularities of these industry segments, SAP Mill Products features processes and functions that cover the entire supply-chain cycle – from product design and configuration, through planning, order processing, capacity planning and production, to final delivery. Additional functions are available in costing and inventory management. SAP Mill Products are also integrated into Quality Management, Financial Accounting, and Controlling.

Titan Consulting has expertise in NF Metal processing, Variant Configuration, and implemented Enhancements provided by SAP in Finance, Costing, Sales and Distribution, Materials Management, Production Planning, and Logistics Execution using DIMP Enhancements provided by SAP and Custom Enhancements.